Came out when Anno 1800’s DLC “In the Ice” came out

Recently, the studio Ubisoft Blue Byte reported when exactly the release of the add-on “In the ice” for the city planning simulator Anno 1800 will take place. The novelty will be the last content of the season ticket and will be released on December 10, 2019 on the PC.

“In the ice” will be the largest DLC for Anno 1800. Gamers are expected to see a new plot, the Arctic region, classes of researchers and technicians, more than thirty buildings, six manufacturing chains, thirteen goods, dozens of exciting quests and more. In addition, in the harsh terrain, one will have to deal with low temperatures by heating the houses.

Together with the addition to Anno 1800 will arrive and the sixth major update. Developers will tell you more about free content in the future.

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