Minecraft Dungeons game may become an opportunity for Mojang studio to change the policy of releases of their projects to mobile devices. However, it will not affect the premiere of the game on consoles and PCs. However, Minecraft Dungeons will also be available for use on Android and IOS systems. Although the new role-playing action movie with improved graphics, sophisticated game mechanics and loaded HUD will be best played on flagship consoles.

Minecraft Dungeons is an attempt by Mojang and Microsoft to turn cult Minecraft into a full franchise. Mixture of Minecraft and gameplay similar to Diablo will surely appeal to users. Moreover, although Mojang is now “owned” by Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft continues to support the concept of Minecraft, a platform-independent game that is always available for Xbox One, Windows, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Minecraft will also be available from day one of Xbox Game Pass!

Mojang Studio have announced on their website that Minecraft Dungeons will be launched on Switch and Playstation 4 on 26th May 2020. If you are an Xbox One or Windows user, you can buy the game right now and be quietly in anticipation of the release. You can also extend your Xbox Game Pass subscription, as the game will be available on the day it is launched and can even be pre-installed.

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