CD Projekt RED: Cyberpunk 2077 dialogs take up “two large books”

Cyberpunk 2077 scriptwriter Marcin Blacha in an interview with the Polish portal Inn:Poland said that the dialogues of the game are occupied by two thick books, and two more – comments on them. Marcin added that the project scenario is “much more ambitious” than the “minor human problems” of the Witcher franchise.

The story of Cyberpunk 2077 is about heroes who oppose the world, which is a live character.

The writer added that he likes to work on characters who are “torn apart from the inside by their own drama” because it allows them to come up with an emotional dialogue.

Without revealing the details, I can tell you that one of my favorite characters is a prisoner who wants to achieve a long-held goal after his release. I’d like to note the artificial intelligence that runs the entire taxi company, and the smart girl who works part-time in an esoteric shop, but also works as a nurse.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on April 16, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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