How to activate the developer console and which teams can be entered there.

How to activate the cheat console
To start with, if you are playing the licensed version of the game, browse to the Steam/steamapps/common/Xcom Chimera Squad/Binaries/Win64 folder and find the game shortcut. There will be a lot of files in it, but you are interested in the exeshner. Then click on it PCM and select “Send to Desktop”.

Go to your desktop, click on the PCM shortcut and select “Properties”. In the “Object” line at the end, click space and add -autodebug. This should result in something like “…Binaries\Win64\XCom.exe” -allowconsole -autodebug.

Now run the game and you will see that there are many new features. One of the most remarkable is the automatic combat mode. You can skip those missions in which you do not want to fight. Your team will win itself, but keep in mind that this often ends with the injury of one of the agents.

In the console itself, which opens when you press ~, enter the following commands:

GiveResource credits 100 – get 100 credits
GiveResource elerium 100 – get 100 aileria
GiveResource intel 100 – get 100 intelligence
GiveItem Medikit 10 – get 10 medical kits
GiveItem VenomRounds 10 – get 10 poisoned cartridges
GiveItem APRounds 10 – get 10 armor-piercing cartridges
GiveItem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup 10 (Stock) – get 10 butts.
GiveItem AimUpgrade_Sup 10 (Scope) – get 10 sights
GiveItem ClipsizeUpgrade_Sup 10 (Ext. Magazine) – get 10 extended shops
Get 10,000 credits, aileria and intelligence.
god – immortality mode
Is the principle clear? That is, you can enter the name of other items and specify the desired quantity. Here are a few other things:

AutokeyCard 1 automatic key card
BreachingCharge – penetration explosives
CeasefireGrenade – disorienting grenade
FlashbangGrenade – light-noise grenade
SmokeGrenade – smoke grenade
TracerRounds – bullets that increase accuracy
TranqRounds – Sleeping slugs

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