Resident Evil 3 Remake came out a year after the excellent Resident Evil 2 remake. Despite many similarities, this time we play for Jill, trying not to get into Nemesis’s hands and sneaking through Raccoon City. And if you want to make it easier for us in any way, this material will answer the question about Resident Evil 3 Remake cheats and codes, and are they in the game?

In many original Resident Evil games, particularly in the second part, there are cheats that you can enter, and which give things like unlimited ammunition or allow you to play for different characters. But are there any of them in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

On this topic we have bad news, because the game does not even have fan cheats to fool around. There are no codes that you can enter to unlock all the weapons from the very beginning, there are no cheats, so you don’t have to worry about health or ammunition.

Resident Evil 3, being even more action-focused than Resident Evil 2, still has some elements of surwavel-horror that this series is so famous for, and probably the developers thought that adding codes and cheats is harmful for immersion in this universe. So you have to constantly manage your resources and keep your progress at the right time.

It is unlikely that as a future update or even a paid DLC game will ever get rich in cheats and codes, but if that happens, we will definitely update this text.

That’s all you need to know about whether Resident Evil 3 Remake has cheats and codes. Stay on our portal and check out other guides and tips on Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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