Hi, everybody! I’ve played a little bit of Citadel Forged With Fire and I’m ready to give you a couple of tips for newcomers to our game.

Initial appearance

So you’ve just chosen a server and created a character, what now? Well, choose one of the three appearance points:


Personally, I would appear in Raincourt because it is located in the very coastal zone, but choose the one that suits you best. Once loaded into the game and the points of entry, you’ll be in a safe area with access to the inner courtyard, where there’s mana (replenishment of your mana) and health (recovery of health).

You will also notice glowing stones that have useful tips if you approach them. However, to start your journey to the Citadel, you have to leave the safe area by simply going through the bubble surrounding the area.

The first few levels are

Once you leave the safe area, head to the beach and look for items that you can pick up, such as wood, flowers, mushrooms, crystals. This will easily take you to level 2 before you arrive at the beach.

When you get to the beach, look at the glowing icons in the lower right corner of the screen, they will notify you that you can upgrade and that you have unlocked. Clicking “K” should bring up the tree skills, go to the “structure” tab and immediately unlock the first 3 levels of wooden buildings.

Move along the shore, collecting firewood until you have 8, build one floor (build menu “b”). Adding walls and doors should give you a basic base and also give you enough experience for level 3.

Now press “K” again and go to the “Objects” tab, unlock the staff level 1, then go to “Spell”. Press and unlock the fireball spell for the staff. A staff does more damage than a stick or glove.

To create a staff you must use 1 crystal runes and 6 firewood, which is very easy, and you should already have these resources. Once this is done, right-click on the staff, then go to the spell menu (P) and right-click on the fireball spell.

Now you should shoot the fireball with the left mouse button at the price of 10 mana. To increase mana, press “c” and use the improvement points to increase your health, mana, weight, etc. Д.

Mana and how it works

Mana management can be confusing to beginners, but once you get to level 4, it will be easy. There are 3 ways (AFAIK) to refill your mana reserve:

Replenish your mana in the safe zone (or your own mana in the later game).

Eat consumables (potions, flowers, etc.).

Raise the level every time you raise the level, your mana and health are fully replenished (also when you die).

However, potions are the most reliable way. To prepare a mana potion, you must first unlock it in the menu “K”. A mana potion costs 1 rune crystal and 2 orchids of death, and restores “100” mana, although it often restores about 99 to 103 mana.

Health potions are similar, except that they cost 1 crystal runes, 3 blueberries, and 1 mushroom. If you want to use only 1 potion cell, you can use a vitality potion that restores 60 litres. C. And 60 mana.

Level 10

After some grind, you get to level ten. This is the first big stage in the game, mainly because you have unlocked the second level of staff! (2nd level of spells at level 15) or, more importantly, the first flying broom. This broom is worth mana, so don’t forget to bring a lot of mana pots or powerful mana pots (also unlocked at level 10).


Now that we’re on level 10 and we have a broom, we can start an in-depth study of the map. You should notice 4 new things at once:


Chests often contain prey such as armor, but they are often blocked at up to 10+. Caves also contain rare stones and chests, and they may contain monsters. Some caves are more extensive than others, and at their end, there may even be a black dragon.

If you are lucky enough to find a monolith, you can activate it (E) and get a few buffs within 1 hour, such as HP boost, damage, crit, mana, etc. E. Towers are used to quickly move around the map (like Skyrim).


Taming is enabled by Pacify at level 10. The tamed creature will be in effect for 2 hours, but this can be extended by scrolls that increase the time in increments of up to 2 weeks (scroll effects will be added, so taming the perm is possible).

You can ride some creatures, including Dragons, but you will need a saddle that will unlock at level 15.

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