Clash Of The Casino “Titans”: Poker vs. Blackjack

Whenever talking about online gambling and the most popular card games, it is hard not to discuss poker and blackjack. These are some of the most popular online casino games of the moment and it is very easy to understand why. They are both easy to pick up and can make you money. However, choosing the correct one for you is not as simple as it might seem. 

Both poker and blackjack are featured at a trustworthy casino and most gamblers do eventually try them. Choose the best one by considering the following very important things. 


You can play a lot of casino games here for free and for real money. And they all involve odds, including poker and blackjack. Learning odds is sometimes overwhelming but it is crucial since they measure how likely it is to be successful. 

Poker Odds

In poker games, you usually play against other players so, at a legit casino, you are put against individuals that are better or not than you. We can say you get lucky if you play at a table with some bad players. 

Because of the fact that you are put up against others, the odds are in the favor of the experienced poker players. The online casino will only take a part of the game money as profit through a rake. 

Blackjack Odds

In blackjack games, you play against the house. Since casinos do not want to lose money, the game is designed so that the house will win in the long run. However, it is important to mention the fact that blackjack stands out as one of the online casino games that have the lowest edge. 

Which Game Has Better Odds?

In most cases, it is blackjack that has the better odds (when you use optimal strategy). This is because:

  • You are playing against the house, which has to respect rules you can take advantage of. With poker games, the other players do not have to play as you expect them to. 
  • You have complete control over house edge. 
  • Blackjack is simpler to learn. 

While odds can be seen as better, it is important to understand that poker is a game that is better for those who want a career in online gambling. With both games, you need time and effort in order to learn the best strategies and win. However, with poker, you can make more money. 


The second thing we have to take into account when choosing what card game to play at your preferred legit casino is skill. This might be confusing for some. 

Skill In Poker Games

We can say poker is fully a game of skill but it is influenced by luck. Your decisions are the main factor that will determine success in the long run. Luck does play a part in every single poker game but skill is what will decide if you are a winner or not. 

Skill In Blackjack

Contrary to popular belief, you still need skill when you play blackjack. But it is less than in poker. The house will have an advantage that you can eventually overcome. Luck is much more influential and the truly influential skill you have to develop to be successful is card counting. The practice is completely legal but regular casinos do not like it. Fortunately, there is never a shortage of gambling opportunities available for those who want to play blackjack and can use card counting. 

Poker vs Blackjack – What Should You Choose?

The basics are very simple. If you want to win more money and you are interested in an online gambling career that will span over a longer time, poker is the best option. If you are mainly interested in the thrills of playing free casino games or taking advantage of free casino bonuses, blackjack might be better for you. 

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with playing both games. Take advantage of the best free spins bonus codes available in online casinos and you can test both games if you are a beginner. Then, you can choose what best fits your personality. Also, remember that playing these games online is different than offline. This should also influence your decision. If you cannot bluff, playing poker games in brick-and-mortar casinos is a recipe for disaster. 

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