What is GvE?

GvE is a hot confrontation between two factions: The Light and the Dark.

There is no need to kill Mobs to level up your character – you can get any equipment and level in PvP, fighting for your faction, killing enemy players and capturing territory.

Use factional portals to recruit allies!

Take part in new and unique events, Olympics, siege and more!

Join a clan or create your own – conquer territories and castles together; defeat groups-, raid- and epic bosses with unique skills and beautiful animations; carefully choose your lineup and think tactics!

A lot of secrets and Easters are scattered around the GvE world – try to find them in your spare time!

Get maximum drive and enjoy the game on our server – in the popular fashion Good vs Evil!

Server starts on 10 april!

How does the game start?

  1. Create your own unique character: choose any race and appearance – the subclass is available right after the game starts!
  2. Choose your faction: “Light” or “Dark”.
  3. Get a profession and pick up free C-grade equipment, tattoos and consumables.
  4. Buffs: you can take all sets of magic effects – there are a lot of slots for Buffs, they last 4 hours and do not fall off after death.
  5. Find the gatekeeper and teleport to the zone with a maximum of hot PvP and battles over territory! Or choose a relatively conflict-free location, where you can quietly lvlup and prepare your hero for the upcoming battles (starting level of the character – 70).


TERRITORIAL WARS. Take part in mass battles! Capture and defend the world’s territories.

Take part in mass battles! Capture and defend the world’s territories.

FAIR AND EXCITING GAME.Maximum balancing of all classes, improved Olympiad system.

BALANCED ECONOMY.Sophisticated server concept and its economy!

CONTINUOUS SERVER SUPPORT. Continuous support and work on the server. New updates, events and more.

Register now! Server start on 10 april!

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