With new technology hitting the market every day, it’s easy to see why the gaming industry is pivoting away from tried and tested strategies. The latest products and services have enhanced selling points, helping businesses make more money. But, as the online slot sector highlights, leveraging the status quo isn’t unhealthy. Sometimes, it’s smarter than embracing the newest trend.  

Brand Loyalty Is Powerful  

It only takes a second to form an opinion of a brand. Therefore, that 67% of consumers say they need to trust a company before converting isn’t surprising. The reputation of the operator means a lot, as does the quality of the services they offer. When customers see brands they trust providing traditional offerings, the organization’s familiarity and respectability instantly puts them at ease.  

Although online casino and betting companies are continually adding to their libraries, a big percentage of their products include the likes of Starburst, Blazing 7s and Wheel of Fortune. This is because SugarHouse Casino and 888 know that they can rely on these iconic slots to turn profits. As a result, the effect is cemented because these are the type of slot machines that operators are likely to promote. If customers believe in brands, and the brands believe in online slots with traditional themes, there’s no need to break the chain.

Extras Make up for Simplicity  

The simplicity factor is part of the reason that classic themes are popular. Fancy features are great for a couple of spins, but they soon become confusing and get in the way of the gameplay. Still, slot developers can’t afford to slacken, not when the industry is moving at a rapid pace. The hottest games can be obsolete in the blink of an eye. 

To ensure this isn’t the case, they make up for the lack of fancy gaming elements by leaning on extras that customers love. Mobile device accessibility is an excellent example because billions of gamers use smartphones and tablets to enjoy their favorite services. Therefore, websites that implement HTML5 and applications are essential. Of course, bonuses and promotions are pivotal too, as the added value makes slots worth sampling. Starburst, for instance, is the world’s most famous online slot, but it offers more than a 500x maximum win multiplier as BetMGM and 888 Casino give away up to $25 in free credits.   

Other operators prefer extra bonuses like these Starburst free spins codes that award claimants with up to 50 free spins, 10 of which are only usable on Starburst. Hard Rock Online Casino’s promo is a no deposit offer, too, making it even better since there’s no hassle with the registration process. That millions of people play Starburst daily shows that players will accept freebies over fancy features.  

Mobile Matters More  

Infrastructure is and always will be more important than technology that appears useful on the surface but lacks substance. You only need to analyze how mobile online slots compare to virtual reality to see the disparity. The latter is novel, yet it’s struggling to find any substantial traction within the industry.  

Mobile slots, however, are played by most online casino users. You probably know the statistic, but if you don’t, the number of mobile gamers is over 2.5 billion now. There are 3 billion gamers overall worldwide. Users want to enjoy services on-demand regardless of their location, which is straightforward with a mobile device and internet connection.  

Sadly, technology such as VR isn’t as accessible because a headset is essential to the experience. Without the virtual world, it’s pointless playing VR slot games or VR pokies. It’s not as if you can slip it out of your pocket on a bus or train. This explains why there are more mobile slots than VR slots, and why the themes remain traditional. After all, there’s no reason to invest in exotic themes when they aren’t as popular.  

Hopefully, gaming developers from around the industry will keep these factors in mind when they release new products and services. The market value of the online wagering sector highlights why they should.

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