While our team is preparing an exhaustive preview, we offer you an interview with the co-founder of Blizzard Allen Adham.

How soon will it be released?

We do not announce specific deadlines. We’ve been working on Diablo IV for several years, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. It’s a big, beautiful open world. It is full of creatures. Diablo IV is all based on quests and content that far surpasses everything we’ve created before. Yes, it will take us some time to understand that we are doing everything right. You know, we at Blizzard never compromise on quality.

Co-founder of Blizzard discussed the development of Diablo IV

But why now and not a year ago?

Funny, you are not the first person who asks me this question. Most people ask why we didn’t announce the game last year or even earlier. We’ve been working on this project for some time now and I feel like it’s a kind of catharsis when I can finally talk about it openly. We also want people to be able to go and try out the demo. The reason we’re doing this now is that we have a great story. Also, there is a demo version that you can play. Now is the time when we can tell about all our players and our community.

You never wanted to turn Diablo into a service game like World of Warcraft? When there is one kernel supported by constant updates.

I will say that the team that is working on Diablo IV right now is very ambitious. We hope that when we finish with the project, we will be able to take these same people to create add-ons at a higher speed than we did before. We know that our fans want the updates to come out faster. And we want to create more content as soon as possible. That was the goal of the team. That’s why I think Diablo IV will have more content than we did before.

Co-founder of Blizzard discussed the development of Diablo IV

Is it a basic model with extensions and DLC?

We have a basic game that you’re used to, with extensions that hopefully will come out more often than usual. And we also have some ideas, but nothing specific to share.

Will the paragon system come back?

This is the signature of Diablo. We like the idea that people who love our games can play them for hundreds, even thousands of hours. In Diablo, this system plays a central role.

Co-founder of Blizzard discussed the development of Diablo IV

What’s the coolest new feature in Diablo IV?

From a mechanical point of view, it’s all made up of them. I’ll just list a few of them for you. The feature that penetrates everything – is the huge open world. That’s what we’re doing in the Diablo series for the first time with a new engine. In the demo, there’s a scene where the hero comes out of the dungeon and sees a long line of the horizon, it looks like a trivial texture, but it’s all real. All you see is the real geometry of the world. The sensation of the open world, its scale, and realism sets the tone of the game apart.

But we also added a social element. You can play alone or in a group. And most people, we think, will rotate both, depending on the mood. Then you will see a lot of other things: PvP, trade, class design.

Co-founder of Blizzard discussed the development of Diablo IV

So you’re making a game with the open world. Does this mean that you will give up the traditional system of acts?

That’s right. Diablo IV is an open world game. We develop the story non-linearly and you can choose how to act: to go on the main quest line or choose a completely different direction. We think this is a really fresh idea. People will be able to choose the type of game that they prefer.

As for the endgame loot. Will Diablo IV have a familiar/ancient system?

I would say that in the final build, players will have many different things to do. There will be seasons, traditional loot, PvP. There will be many different ways to play. There will be key dungeons that will allow you to play this content at ever higher levels of difficulty.

After all, our goal is to provide a range of activities that gamers can do for many, many years.

Aren’t you afraid that players will switch from session to session in order to feed the world’s bosses again?

This is a great question! No one has asked it before. To be honest, I don’t know how we solved this problem. Development manager Luis Barriga is the person who should have asked this. I’ll give him the information and make sure Diablo IV is designed with this in mind.

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