The co-op in Spiritfarer is not explained at all in the game, and it can make the multiplayer game with friends a bit more complicated than it should be. However, don’t be afraid, because we’ve spent some time figuring it out, so you don’t need to do that. Just read our Spiritfarer guide on how to play with a friend in a cooperative online.

The co-op at Spiritfarer

Whether you play on a PC, Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch, you need to make sure you have two different controller inputs before you go any further. These can be two Joy-Cons for the switch, keyboard and controller on your PC or two Xbox One or PS4 controllers for the respective consoles. If you do not, you will not be able to play Spiritfarer in cooperative mode.

With ready-made inputs for multiple controllers, simply log into your Xbox Live / PSN profiles or simply connect the control panel to your computer from the main menu screen.

How to play Spiritfarer with a friend

Stella is joined by her fluffy cat Narcissus, so the first player will control Stella, and the second player – Daffodil.

Stella will be able to do everything you can by playing solo. The second player, who controls Daffodil, will also be able to do almost the same things as Stella, which means that you can significantly increase your efficiency around the ship when playing in cooperative mode.

The only thing that Duffodil can’t do is talk to other characters, so the player who controls Stella will have to contact him, run quests and other moments of narration.

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