In Resident Evil 8 Village you can unlock infinite ammo cheats. And about this we will tell in the guide titled “Codes and cheats for Resident Evil 8 Village – How to activate them, infinite weapons”.

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Cheats in Resident Evil 8 Village are in-game rewards that become available after completing the campaign once.

How to unlock endless ammo cheats
There are a total of 15 weapons with infinite ammo in the game. After completing the story, go to the home screen > Bonuses > Extra Content Store.

This store uses local currency, which you get for completing certain tasks in the game. Challenges only become visible after the first playthrough, but anything you’ve done during it will count anyway. You can check the trials at any time through the pause menu.

But to make infinite ammo available for purchase, you also have to unlock all the customizable weapon parts (2-3 per sample), as well as purchase all the weaponry improvements from the Duke. It all costs quite a bit and requires over a million lei.

However, there is a simple trick. Create a manual save, buy all weapon improvements (including parts), save in another slot and exit to the main menu. The infinite weapon cheat is now unlocked.

Buy the cheat from the additional content store for credits, reload the first save manually before spending all the money on weapon improvements, and by doing so you will get your lei back, but you will also save the ammo cheat. Weapons do not have to be maxed out for the cheat to work. You can repeat this trick with all weapons. Don’t forget to sell the treasure for lots of lei, and also note that at higher difficulty levels and enemies drop more lei.

The game with Infinite Ammo cheats enabled does not disable trophies and achievements! So use it to your health!

You can activate Infinite Ammo at any time in the main menu through the game options and settings.

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