The developer company Gram Games released MERGE DRAGONS in summer 2017. A few years later, the game retains its popularity and takes one of the top places in the ranking of downloads on Google Play and Apple Store.

MERGE DRAGONS belongs to the “Gather 3 in a row” puzzle genre and players have more than 600 levels to complete.

The game’s story is simple enough and tells the story of a kingdom that has captured the forces of evil and the player will have to free the fairytale state from zomblins. The player in this game helps dragons, which evolve when you connect several creatures together. For successful completion of the level in front of the player opens new skill branches and magical artifacts. The whole variety of elements in the game provides the player with a variety of combinations and combinations of abilities and relics.

How to Pass Challenge 21

Level 21 will start by collecting leaves from a dragon tree. Once finished, take the flower of life and transplant it to the top corner of the map. After that, combine the seedlings of the dragon’s tree in the middle and lower-left corner – for this, you get 30 points. Next to it you will find dragon tree sprouts, connecting which you will get a scarlet dragon tree. Then drain the transunit grass that you will notice next to it.

Completing quests 21 and 22 in Merge Dragons

After that you need to perform the required mergers 5 times in the right order:

Merge the sprouts of life flowers -> Life Flowers -> Blue Life Flowers -> Burning Life Flowers -> Double Life Flowers -> Diamond Life Flowers -> Giant Life Flowers -> Life Tree Seed.

Congratulations! You have completed level 21.

How to pass task 22

Drain the prism flower seeds that are in the upper left corner. On a small island that you will find on the right, connect the prism flowers and double-drain the grass bundles on the left.

Completing quests 21 and 22 in Merge Dragons

Go back to the islet on the right and collect 5 bushes of lawn grass there.

Go down and get a 3000 bonus and collect the marsh grass on the right.

After that, drain the swamp water and run the healing expander. Move to the center of the map, combine two tall grass bushes and collect the eggs of the flaming and green dragons that you will need to send to fight the zomblins.

Once they’re done, combine the wheat with the prism flowers that will begin to heal your map. Collect magic mushrooms, spotted mushrooms, sprouts of flowers of life and stone bricks at the top of the map.

Next, you need to combine several elements on the map in the right order:

blue flowers of life -> 2 new graves in the center -> collect rain rays from above -> collect puddles on the right.

Then run the healing expander and open the destroyed statues of the goddess Gaia, collect them.

Congratulations on passing level 22!

If you have experience in puzzles, you can pass the game easily, but if you’ve only recently joined a lover of logic games – you can use in the game “folio of wisdom” – a local system of “hints”.

Good luck on your way through!

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