Construction in Hydroneer is one of the features in the game and today in our guide we will give you all the tips to help you build.

How to build in Hydroneer

Before you start, you need to know a lot of items in the game to build. In this guide we will use the bed as an example. Please note that for some items you need to first install the foundation block below them.

The first step is to buy an item. Now that the item is in your hand, press “Paint” to activate the place mode. Now use “R” and “T” to rotate the object in the orientation you want. Now move the item to where you would like to place it, and it will turn blue if it is a valid place.

Construction at Hydroneer. Guide

When the object turns blue, press “Paint” to place it. You can block the object with a construction hammer so that it does not lift it, first lift the hammer and look at the object, then press “paintwork”, this can be done by pressing “paintwork” again on the object with a hammer.

This is all you need to know about building in Hydroneer and placing objects.

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