In our new Last Oasis guy we’ve collected tips on where to find resources and how to craft items in the game.

Craft and resources in Last Oasis
There are a lot of resources in Last Oasis that you can find as you pass, and that’s the main part of the early stages of the game that you will come across. If you’re interested in any other resource that’s not on the list, be sure to check out our resource guide.

Major resources early in the game
The tag is used to collect stone and can be made of wood and stone.

Craft and resources at Last Oasis. Guide and tips on where to find resources and how to craft items.

The sickle is used to collect fibre, aloe vera and cornea.

Axes are used mainly for cutting down wood, but in some cases they are also a viable close combat weapon. You will need 8 stones and 1 wooden shaft to make an axe (axe).

Cactuses and fruits
Cactus plants are essential for early survival, as they are the main source of water. If you have any weapons or tools, you can collect cactus pulp from the plant, and if you have bare hands, the fruit that hangs on them will be your only choice.

Fibre – As mentioned earlier, you can collect fibre from the bushes. To maximize your efficiency, use a sickle or braid.

Wood – To get wood, you need to cut down trees with an axe.

Craft and resources at Last Oasis. Guide and tips on where to find resources and how to craft items.

Stone – Sometimes you can find small pieces of earth that can be mined by hand. When the servers are running out, you need to hit a stone boulder with a pickaxe to get the stone.

Walkers and moving bases
The Walkers are moving “ships” that can carry your base, and as they increase in size, they can carry large bases. This is a great mechanics, as you can pack boxes and craft stations inside your base, and then place it on a walker. This will allow you to be always ready for your journey so that you can explore the vast lands of the Oasis.

Craft station
Crafting stations are necessary for every character as you need them to make different items, prepare meat and extract water. These are just beginning Kraft stations, which you will encounter most often.

The fire is one of the first early game stations that you will have to create. Campfire is used to make things like cactus meat and water, but with fuel (wood). You can also make vitamins and other useful things there.

You will need 16 trees, 11 fibres and 5 stones to make a camp fire.

Stomping station – most often you may end up in the forest, which is used to heat the fire. This is why a pumping station may be necessary, as it can produce water without fuel!

Woodworking Station – By combining wood and fibre, you can create wooden trunks that are used in most early-game collection tools.

Fibre Processing Station – Fibre processing stations can produce fibres from the handle of the hides. You can also make fibre weaves and ropes here.

Shopping stations and trade
If you want to trade, you need to find a trading station. They have random locations on every map, because they are also safe zones – that means you can’t be killed there! The safe zone lasts 15 minutes, which is enough if you need to fail for a moment.

Trading in this game works on the principle of “auction house”, which means that you can only buy from and sell to other players. Most resources and items are sold there, and you can also buy statistics from other traders.

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