Crafts in New World is the main direction in the game and has a large number of levels for development. In this guide we have collected tips on how to pump up your craft skills, which will help you become the best in your business.

Achieving higher levels in these trading skills allows the collectors to track higher level resources, get additional materials when processing, and the craftsmen will be able to create items with higher equipment and more perches, which compete with the best items that can be found in the game.

Crafts Skills in New World

Skills for created objects are mostly random, but you can influence them with special resources.

Skills of collecting:


Skin removal



The skills of cleaning:


Stone Cutting




Handicraft professions:

Gunsmith: Cold Weapons

Gunsmith: light, medium and heavy armor

Jewelry: knickknacks and gems

Engineer: small arms and ammunition

Witch doctors: potions, infusions, magic weapons

Cook: food and drinks that give buffs and health recovery

Furnisher: Furniture, Warehouse and Trophies for Player Houses.

When collecting materials, players have a chance to find special resources to improve the created items.

Created items may have different levels and qualities that affect the quantity and characteristics of the item. Higher level objects of the same type require additional components to be created.

Some resources for Kraft can be obtained by disassembling an object, also if you have repair skills.

Kraft in New World is very deep. Be sure to read our guide to Kraft in New World, in which we have collected all the main features.

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