Creative Mind Behind Atlas Fallen: An Interview With the Developers

Atlas Fallen is an upcoming science fiction game that promises to be a thrilling adventure for gamers. In this article, we bring you an exclusive interview with the creative minds behind Atlas Fallen – developers Shayne and Kaelan Dickenson.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the story of Atlas Fallen?

Shayne: Atlas Fallen is set in a distant future where humanity has spread across the galaxy. The player takes on the role of Lynden, a young pilot who gets caught up in a conflict between two factions vying for control over an important mining colony. As they navigate through this dangerous world, they’ll encounter fascinating characters and uncover secrets that will change their understanding of what’s really at stake.

Kaelan: We wanted to create a universe that felt authentic and lived-in, with complex relationships and political tensions that feel true-to-life. The story reflects our own struggles as artists trying to make something meaningful in an age of corporate greed and environmental destruction.

Q: What inspired you to create Atlas Fallen?

Shayne: We’ve always been big fans of science fiction – everything from Star Wars to Blade Runner has had a huge impact on us. But we didn’t just want to create another space opera – we wanted to explore themes like how technology affects our lives, or how people react when they’re pushed to their limit. So many sci-fi stories are just about blowing up spaceships; we knew there was more potential there.

Kaelan: Our goal was also to make a game that was accessible but still offered depth for players who wanted it. We’ve seen so many games try too hard at one or the other – either being too simplistic or too obtuse for most people to enjoy.

Q: What challenges did you face while developing Atlas Fallen?

Shayne: There were definitely some technical hurdles we had to overcome – making sure all the AI worked properly, optimizing performance on different hardware setups, and so on. But the biggest challenge was probably just keeping our focus throughout the entire project. We spent almost three years on Atlas Fallen, and it’s hard to sustain creative momentum over that kind of timeline.

Kaelan: Agreed. There were times where we definitely hit roadblocks – either creatively or otherwise – but we always found a way through them by leaning on each other.

Q: What are you most excited for players to experience in Atlas Fallen?

Shayne: I think I’m most excited for players to experience the story we’ve built. We put so much time and effort into creating characters that feel real and nuanced, like they could be people you actually know. And we tried to make choices matter in a meaningful way – there’s no simple “good” or “bad” path through the game.

Kaelan: For me, I’m excited for players to see all the little details we’ve hidden throughout the game world. We wanted Atlas Fallen to feel immersive and believable; part of that is creating a sense of history behind every object or piece of architecture you see.

Q: Do you have any plans for post-launch content?

Shayne: Definitely! We have some ideas kicking around already, but nothing concrete yet. Considering how long this project has been our entire lives up until now, it’ll be nice not having everything planned out by-the-numbers like before.

Kaelan: At least now when someone asks us what our life goals are anymore than “Releasing Atlas” will no longer be one haha

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3 responses to “Creative Mind Behind Atlas Fallen: An Interview With the Developers”

  1. I am impressed by the concept art that was shared in this article. The visuals look stunning and I am excited to see more. I can tell that Atlas Fallen is going to be a visually stunning game that will transport players to another world.

  2. I am excited to play Atlas Fallen after reading this interview. The storyline sounds intriguing and the idea of exploring the galaxy is fascinating. I am looking forward to experiencing the conflict and adventure that is promised in this game.

  3. It is always interesting to hear from the developers themselves about their game. The passion that Shayne and Kaelan have for Atlas Fallen is evident in this interview. I appreciate the attention to detail and world-building that they have put into the game.

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