Creature Keeper best settings

Setting up the perfect environment for your virtual creatures in Creature Keeper is essential to ensure their well-being and happiness. By adjusting various settings, you can create an ideal habitat for your creatures to thrive in. In this article, we will guide you through the best settings to consider when playing Creature Keeper.


The temperature setting is crucial as it directly affects the comfort of your creatures. You want to keep the temperature within a suitable range, typically between 20°C and 25°C (68°F – 77°F). Extreme temperatures may cause stress or even harm your virtual pets.


Creatures require proper lighting conditions for their growth and metabolism. Depending on the species of creature you are keeping, replicate their natural day-night cycle by adjusting the lighting settings accordingly. For diurnal creatures, provide ample light during the day and dim it during nighttime hours.

Habitat Size

The size of your creature’s habitat should be proportionate to its needs. Consider both horizontal and vertical space requirements when selecting a habitat size. A cramped space can lead to discomfort or behavioral issues, so ensure ample room for movement and exploration.

Dietary Preferences

Taking into account each creature’s specific dietary preferences is vital for ensuring they remain healthy and happy. Some creatures may be herbivores while others require a carnivorous diet. Review each creature’s dietary information carefully in order to offer them appropriate food options in Creature Keeper.

Population Size

Taking care not overcrowd your creature’s habitat is essential for maintaining harmony among them. Overpopulation can lead to increased competition for resources which may result in stress or aggression among individuals. Be mindful of population size and monitor for any signs of unrest or territorial conflicts.

Interaction Options

Providing your creatures with suitable interaction options can greatly improve their overall well-being. Arrange various toys, obstacles, or hiding spots in their habitat. Some creatures may enjoy climbing structures or specific types of interactions such as being petted or fed by the player.

Creating an optimal environment for your virtual creatures is key to their happiness and success in Creature Keeper. By adjusting the temperature, lighting, habitat size, dietary preferences, population size, and interaction options based on the needs and behaviors of each creature species, you can ensure that they thrive under your care.

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