The new part of the famous series differs significantly from the previous ones in terms of gameplay, so even franchise fans can be quite difficult to get used to it. If you’re stuck in a moment because you don’t know where to go next or you’re constantly dying at the hands of a particularly strong boss, then study our detailed Darksiders Genesis experience.

In this tutorial you will learn how to solve all the puzzles, find valuable items, including entity kernels and treasure maps, as well as destroy all bosses and complete all basic and additional tasks.

Chapter 1 – Overthrow from the throne

We are on the only way, moving in a circle, and jumping on a hill, we notice a treasure map at the top. We take it to highlight other valuable objects. In this area, we can easily reach all the chests and collectibles.

Darksiders Genesis - Passage of the chapter 1

However, it can be difficult to get a coin of the Boatman, as it is located on the upper edge of the Castle Trail, right on top of the broken wall. We descend to the boards, and then jump on the ledge, which has the form of a hook. Then we jump on the ledge with the object. We had to make a few attempts to get to the coin.

As for the side missions, the first of them is related to the killing of 75 enemies – it is easy to do it, because you just need to deal with all the enemies encountered on the road. To perform the second task it will be necessary to destroy the two ballists marked on the screenshots below.

Darksiders Genesis - Passage of the chapter 1

It will also be necessary to deal with the 9 fleas that are marked with red checkmarks on the map before the battle with the boss.

Darksiders Genesis - Passage of the chapter 1

As for the 10th monster, it is located at the bottom. Having dealt with the boss, we descend on the lift, and then go down the stairs – the flea-bag will be on the left side.

Darksiders Genesis - Passage of the chapter 1
Darksiders Genesis - Passage of the chapter 1

How to kill the Enemy from the Void

This enemy makes several deadly movements. If he started waving his limbs in different directions, we just need to stand as far away from him as possible, for example, near the teeth that close the way back. Do not forget to shoot the enemy.

When the enemy hits the ground with his hand, there will be explosive shells – immediately move aside. If we see that he started hitting with two hands, we start jumping to avoid damage from the shock wave. The enemy can also put two paws down and then drop bombs. They won’t reach us if we stand near the teeth. Soon fleas will appear in the arena and we will kill them immediately.

Having dealt with the enemy from the Void, we kill the 10th flea and enter the Abyss. Turn right, open the map and see how to get to the trunk with a weapon. We open fire on it and get a watching sword. Only War can use it. We go back and find out that we have only one trickster’s key, so it makes no sense to go to the gate. However, when we talk to Wullgrim we will be able to buy two more keys.

Darksiders Genesis - Passage of the chapter 1

Again we pass through the area of the 1st chapter, go to the gate in the Abyss and throw the Sword Sharpening at two luminous points to create a bridge and open the gate. Behind them there are useful things. Go ahead and bump into the tradesman. We can buy a lot of valuable things from him, including the keys of the Trickster.

The puzzle with the door of the Trickster

We go left from Wullgrim and notice the door is locked. It is impossible to open it with the keys. To do this, you need to unlock the Trap-truck gate at different locations – each gate will be lit by a single cell. When we light everything, we will be able to go to a secret room, which is located: an epic chest with ammunition “Radiant Shot”, 4 coins of the Boatman and 4 regular chest.

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