1. Start crafting arrows as soon as you enter the game. You will need them soon.
  2. Always keep at least 1 tree in your inventory so that in case of cold you can start a fire.
  3. After crafting the arrows, try to find the nearest area that has leather and loot boxes.
  4. The first thing to pay attention to is craft boots, capes and modifications for your axe.
  5. If it so happens that you have a lot of skin and wood, it is naturally better to scrape armor, first of all, and advice number 4 is not for you.
  6. Do not forget to clean the fire – it gives your location to other players.
  7. In battle, try to abstain from battle on axes for as long as possible. After all, if you get hit at least once, you’re likely to lose. Use remote attacks.
  8. As soon as the appearance of Electronics – then immediately, immediately try to be as close to it and these locations. This will help the first to scrape together a more serious weapon.
  9. One more note about the battle of axes. Carefully study the delay before the strike, feel it, because the right time before the strike – the key to hitting.
  10. Recall once again, for boots, coat and axe – as soon as possible pump level 5 modifiers.
  11. Also, we advise you not to hesitate to use a smoke bomb – which will allow you to leave, or undercover to run up to some other player’s house.
  12. So work on your game mechanics. Tips, advice, and the skill can be pumped only time after time playing the game and studying their mistakes.

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