Deal With Auntie Ethel in Baldurs Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, one of the many quests you will come across is “Deal With Auntie Ethel.” This quest involves dealing with a rather peculiar character who goes by the name of Auntie Ethel. She is a hag living near the city of Baldur’s Gate and her presence causes trouble for the nearby village.

Meeting Auntie Ethel

You can find Auntie Ethel in a cottage located to the southeast of Baldur’s Gate. As you approach, you will notice that her appearance matches up quite well with what you would expect from a hag – she has green skin, warts on her face, and an overall unsightly demeanor.

When speaking to Auntie Ethel, she reveals that she has been stealing children from the nearby village in order to gain power and immortality. However, if your party happens to have any children or innocent beings with them, she may show an interest in them as well.

The Options: How to Deal With Her

When it comes to dealing with Auntie Ethel, there are several options available depending on your party’s alignment and choices made throughout the game:

  1. Diplomacy:
  2. If your party members have high charisma or persuasion skills, they may be able to convince Auntie Ethel that taking children is wrong and persuade her into stopping this practice. This option requires successful persuasion checks.

  3. Violence:
  4. If diplomacy fails or simply isn’t an option for your party members due to their low charisma scores or hostile relations with hags already established through other quests) fighting Auntie Ethel is another way to deal with her. Beware, though, as hags are powerful foes and fighting her will likely require a well-prepared party.

  5. Alternative Solutions:
  6. In addition to the above options, there may also be alternative solutions depending on your party’s choices and abilities. For example, if you have a character who specializes in magic or nature skills, they may be able to discover an alternative method for dealing with Auntie Ethel that doesn’t involve violence or confrontation. Keep an eye out for clues and hints throughout the game.

The Consequences

Like many other choices in Baldur’s Gate 3, how you deal with Auntie Ethel will have consequences that can affect both the immediate outcome of the quest and future quests as well. These consequences could impact your party’s reputation, alliances with certain groups or factions, and even determine which endings you can achieve.

Remember that actions have consequences in this game – choose wisely!

With these tips in mind, prepare your party for this encounter and decide how best to deal with Auntie Ethel. Good luck!

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