Here’s a quick guide with the most useful tips on Death Stranding. Below you’ll also see the most difficult or unclear moments. The material will be expanded with new details.

  • Where to start Death Stranding
  • In any hike take a couple of stairs, a few anchors and a set for the construction of the second level as it will be available. It is better to have three such sets.
  • With the advent of the rail – build a railroad, connecting your road with the roads of other players. This way, you’ll be able to complete many tasks faster and get loads safely.
  • Be sure to use the auto distribution of loads – the game balances everything well. With the advent of the power circuit and then the cross-country circuit always uses it.
  • Have a pair of spare boots, as they are quickly erased.
  • Power gloves will help you to descend and storm mountains and snowy landscapes.
  • You can use the delivery platform, but later on, there will be plenty of mountains and it will be useless. It’s not safe to roll on it, despite the manual. You may fall and lose cargo.
  • In the mountains, it is better to move on a scooter. Cars do not go up the mountain and often get stuck.
  • If there are creatures nearby, then leave the car. It becomes useless.

How do you see other Death Stranding players’ structures?
Other players’ constructions are visible only after the connection of the next node of the chiral network. So it’s better to wait until you connect the node and then start building the same ropeway.

How to fight Mules in Death Stranding?
Mules are stupid enough, so you can knock them out with one shocking gun or beat them with your hands. If you build a mailbox next to them, you can pick up their base and just unload their cargo there.

What do you do with the creatures in Death Stranding?
They look for you with their hands first, then try to grab you and drag you to your boss. Never drive around in a car – they’ll almost always pull you out of the cockpit, and the car will stall.

What to do with the dangerous Death Stranding package?
We have to take it to Freudgill as soon as possible. Its location is marked on this map. After talking to her in her private room, you need to deliver this cargo to the sea of resin. The game will explain how to throw the box in the liquid. As soon as you receive the parcel and components for the base, then load all the components in the car, and take the parcel for Frejail itself behind you. Do not dial many components. Limit yourself to just a couple of stairs and one anchor.

How to take Mom to Death Stranding?
Take her on her back and a few more stairs and an anchor. As soon as the boss appears – run away from him – don’t even try to fight. If you find shelter or an online base, take a break. Use the ladder to cross the river and never cross it into a ford. Your cargo may sink and your mission will be ruined.

How do I get over the resin lake in Death Stranding?
A hint consists in one of the letters on your terminal. You need to go right along the shore and meet the creatures. Let them drag you into the resin and then run away from the bosses, jumping from the building that pops up to the building that pops up, dodging the attacks. The point you need to run to is shown on the map.

How do you defeat Higgs’ boss in Death Stranding?
You need to pick up any package and start running away from it and hide behind any objects, from time to time recovering your health with cryptobiotic. Their nests are full of nests around them. Higgs attacks three times and you can hit him three times with a load in your hand. Next, finish him off before he teleports. If he starts throwing grenades, run at him and attack him – at this point he is vulnerable. Be sure to use the weights for the attack – this will make it easier to win.

How do you fight bosses in Death Stranding?
Throw grenades at your boss or shoot him with a rocket launcher or grenade launcher. And be treated with blood. If you run out of ammunition and blood bags, run in circles until online players drop off their weapons and first-aid kits.

How to cut the threads in Death Stranding?
You will get the desired improvement in the story bracelet in the second part of the game. You have to hold your breath and scan the location of the creature. Slowly walk up to it from the back and press the button on the screen. It is not possible to cut the bosses’ threads as far as we have checked.

Don’t try to take everything you can on yourself at once
Death Stranding is a game about the meditative delivery of various cargoes on huge distances. In the beginning, you will travel exclusively on your two people. With an overloaded backpack, Sam recovers stamina much more slowly and often loses balance. Don’t create artificial difficulties for yourself. It’s best to deliver parcels light, though you’ll have to make a few extra laps.

Trust other players
During the game, you might think that you need to be ready for any trouble, so you should take another extra staircase or rope with you. You never know when it’s all gonna come in handy, and a couple of extra falls is just a little inconvenience, right?

In fact, most of the time, your rainy-day supply will never be touched, so take a maximum of two different types of tools with you. Why not? Because in the world of Death Stranding you

With a high probability, when you find another obstacle on your way, you will find a few tools installed by other players who have already visited this place. If you want to make sure you don’t need additional equipment this time, open the map and look for green marks – these are the bridges, stairs, and ropes left by others especially for you.

In the worst case, you’ll have to go back, but considering that this is a travel game, it’s not that bad. Anyway, it will still be much faster than trying to carry a few extra crates, stumbling and falling all the time.

No path? Do it yourself.
In most cases, another player has already installed a ladder that you can use on your way to your goal, but this is not always the case. It is possible that you have found an unobvious way to your destination, maybe just unlucky and the right tool has disappeared or not loaded.

Although you have to rely on designs left by someone else, you still have to use your tools. If you suddenly think you need a bridge, put it right here! Perhaps this will also help other players, for which you will get praise in the form of likes.

Understand how your backpack works
Organizing a backpack on Sam’s back is a full-fledged minigame. Death Stranding has a lot of different luggage, and luckily, if you don’t want to understand it, you can use the auto-sorting feature (the default triangle).

Auto-sorting can make life easier, but understanding the mechanics of your backpack is essential if you want to deliver your goods as efficiently as possible.

What Sam carries, how it’s attached and where it’s attached directly affects the stability and speed of your character’s movement. If you carry too many crates on your back, there’s a chance that some of them might fall out. The weight attached to your legs or arms is much more secure.

There are several dimensions: small (S), medium (M), large (L) and very large (XL). The larger the size, the bigger the parcel and the weight of the parcel. Sam can attach exceptionally small weights to his suit. Icons with the indicated weight can be found in the description of the shipment.

In the beginning, trust the auto-sorting function. Auto-sorting will place the weights on your back according to their weight, sending the heaviest ones to the bottom of your backpack, and place the small ones on your suit in the most suitable places.

However, there are a few more places to which you can attach the cargo. So choose the best option available:

On your back. This is the main backpack. By default, all weights fall down here. Suitable for medium to large parcels only.
Attach to the suit. Sam has four places on the suit where you can attach the weight. One for each shoulder and hip. Parcels attached to the suit won’t fall out if Sam falls to the ground.
Pouch. Don’t wear blood bags on your back or suit, as there’s a special bag that can hold up to four items. Make sure you don’t waste any space on your back under blood bags that can be placed in a pouch before you go.
Tool holder. The mount is located on the right side of Sam’s backpack and is a separate tool or weapon slot. Keep in mind that if you equip a new tool, your current tool will go into the backpack on your back.
In hand. Finally, Sam can carry things right in his hands. Of course, this isn’t the best option, especially for long journeys, but it’s a good option.
At first, you can just sort the cargo and forget about it. Over time, you’ll learn how best to use the available carrying options and in the later stages of the game it will noticeably facilitate the passage, because in the end you will have to manipulate hundreds of pounds of cargo, several tools and instruments at once.

Throw away and recycle empty containers
After using, for example, all the grenades in the box, or all the cartridges in the gun, or all the repair sprays in the box, Sam still carries empty containers. Empty containers don’t automatically disappear from the backpack, you’ll have to organize them manually.

If you need to lose weight immediately, look for empty boxes in your inventory (marked in red) and throw them out of your backpack.

Another option is to store empty boxes and then recycle them at the terminal. Recycling will give you the raw materials (like iron) that will be stored in the terminal. But do not overload yourself with empty containers.

Establish a connection with other players
Now it’s time to talk about the Bridge Links system, which you can find on the menu. Here you will find a list of the players that Sam has contacted while traveling the world. Here you can sign contracts in this way.

You can create a contract with another player, thus increasing the chance of finding the instruments left behind

A wonderful world of observation towers
You’ll have access to the deployment station early on in your journey through Death Stranding. This is a special cargo that you can convert to mailboxes, generators and bridges and observation towers. Later on, you can build ropes and chiral shelters from the second version of this station.

Observation towers give you the opportunity to explore vast areas of land from relatively high altitude. Using the tower, you can mark loads, enemies and chiral crystals in the surrounding area and get a more detailed view of the surrounding landscape. Build towers if you are planning to travel to new terrain, so you can bypass or, conversely, attack the Mules camps.

Focus on the story tasks in the first place
Moving along the main storyline, you will get more and more tools for cargo transportation. Sam will be able to access a flying trailer, a motorcycle and even more sophisticated means of delivery. The new tools make delivery much easier, so you should open up as many opportunities as possible first.

Every customer you meet in the game will have a set of trivial tasks related to delivery. By performing such missions, you will improve your reputation with your customers, for which you will receive a variety of bonuses. However, hold on to your desire to fulfill each order until you open more advanced means of delivery. This is especially important in the second chapter, where you can easily get mired in hundreds of similar deliveries and lose the desire to pass the game on.

Raise your reputation with your customers
However, you should not ignore all side deliveries. Fulfillment of customers’ wishes and improvement of reputation level sometimes gives access to good bonuses. Some awards are hologram data to customize designs or new colors of sunglasses, but you will also receive drawings for equipment and vehicles. For example, when you do the “Garbage Seller” task in the Central Region, you can get three different exoskeleton drawings and a new type of grenade.

The longer you postpone the side tasks, the easier it is to complete them, but the further you go through the story, the less you want to go back to the already known locations and make optional deliveries. Do not try to perform all the tasks that you can only reach, but also do not ignore the attractive rewards for you.

Do not ignore special time-limited deliveries
During side quests, you will also receive sympathy points with the specific character you are delivering to. Most orders have unique requirements. For example, to deliver a shipment in a certain amount of time, or not to damage the contents during transportation.

At some point, you will be able to perform premium delivery, which is more demanding, but also rewarded with more sympathy points. More sympathy – more reputation – faster access to reputation bonuses. So once you get used to the target region, try to make premium deliveries as often as possible.

Always leave marks
In Death Stranding, you can leave signs that will warn other players of the danger, show them the best way up the mountain or point to the location of collectibles. These digital signs are one of the many ways players can unite and help each other throughout the game.

To leave a sign, hold down the L1 button and then press the triangle. Time in the game will stop and you’ll see a panel with a list of signs that you can leave at this point. These signs are incredibly useful at the beginning of the game, especially for players who are not yet familiar with the game.

You can defeat the creatures even in the early stages of the game
In the starting zone, you won’t have a lot of tools to fight, which makes BT (invisible ghosts) quite problematic. But there is a simple solution: always carry a box of blood grenades with you.

Once you enter the area with the BT, start scanning while standing still and the BT will appear as black clouds. Throw one blood grenade at BT, and it will be more than enough to deal with the annoying sign.

A box of blood grenades can hold up to five of them. The more grenades you have in stock, the less time you will have to spend on invisible movement between ghosts.

The ideal solution is to hold your breath and bypass the creatures, watching the BB’s pointer. If you are noticed, try to escape, pushing them away from you and not letting them drag you into the resin. Never drive around the creatures’ habitat. The engine will stall and you will be pulled out of the cockpit.

Battle is normal.
If you’re gonna fight BT, don’t panic. All the characters around Sam think that BT is practically invincible, so you may have a false idea of the power of these ghosts. BT can and should be killed, and you can do it much sooner than the game brings you to it.

As mentioned earlier, blood grenades are a great way to fight against BT, they allow you to kill ghosts before they even notice you. But if BT does find you and put your hands in the resin and then take you to your boss, don’t panic. As soon as the battle begins, the buildings pop up, so get in there. Collect first-aid kits, grenades and weapons from other players. Use grenades to kill your enemy – this will take all the BTs in your area out of action and save you a lot of time.

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