Desperados 3 has very complex missions, so I prepared a manual with some tips and tricks.

As soon as you enter the new location, immediately explore the routes of all the guards. If it is too slow for you, just speed up the time (X key in PC version).
After stunning/charming your enemies, immediately hide in the nearest bush. Otherwise, they will recover in a short time and raise the alarm.
Keep in mind that the civilian population will also raise the alarm if they notice anything unusual. So take them into account during planning and check their visual fields.
Hector Mendoza is the strongest character in the game and the only one who can carry two bodies simultaneously.
When you put the game on pause, the overview map shows all the remaining enemies. In addition, you can enlarge the mini card (M key in PC version).
John Cooper only has one knife that you have to pick up after each throw. The same goes for Doc McCoy’s suitcase and Hector’s bear trap.
Use the camera rotation (Alt + Mouse in PC version) to find objects behind large buildings or rocks.
You can select all the characters at once (key / PC version) to quickly send the entire squad to another location on the map.
After starting a new mission, use the backlight function for interactive objects (H key in PC version) and view the entire map. So you won’t miss a single important quest item, an enemy, etc. Pay special attention to the climbing and stairs – on roofs you are invisible to the guards downstairs.

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