Osiris received a distress signal from the Vex network sent by Saint-14, and you need to decide how to help him.

Open the airlock.

Your first task is to install transponders. To do this, go to Ness and visit six different locations. Once in each of them, stand in a small white circle to set up the transponder.

Below you will find a map of each point. Only the transponder located in the bottom left corner, southwest of the Pools, is not marked.

Destiny 2 - completion of the "Impossible Task."

The most difficult point is located at the top of the Water Room. To get there, use the teleporter next to the big gold ship.

The Ghost of Sainte 14.
Transponders have pinpointed Saint-14’s Phantom. To find him, use our guide.

Bring him home.
Now that you have the Phantom of Saint-14, you can return it to Osiris.

Recharging the solar clock.
Now you need to use a Solar Clock, but it needs to be recharged. Kill 25 Sentinels in Crucible or Gambit modes, kill 25 Sentinels with your Spur ability and collect 25 Spheres of Light.

Get back to the clock.
When you have enough power to charge the Sun Clock, go back to Mercury and charge it.

Back in time.
After receiving the new task, go to the Sun Clock to the right of Osiris and go back in time. You will begin the mission “Corridors in Time 2”.

End of Journey
After this step, you will be in orbit. You need to go back to Osiris in Mercury and talk to him about saving Saint-14.

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