Saint 14 has finally returned to Destiny 2. You can find him in the Tower Hangar and then talk to him to get new quests. One of these quests is called Cornerstone. During this task, you will need to activate the obelisk in the Tower. If you have any difficulty in completing it, we suggest you read our manual.

Note: It is highly recommended that you also take the Colony Memory assignment from Sainte-14 to complete both quests at the same time.

Completing the Cornerstone quest

Talk to Saint-14 to start the quest.
To start this quest, go to the hangar and talk to the right character. He will have several different tasks for you. Choose the task you need, and the description says that you need to help the character to fix the strange machine left to him by Osiris.

Destiny 2: How to activate obelisk in Tower

We need some collection.

Instead of focusing on this goal, we recommend that you simply complete the Colonial Memory task, as this will allow you to achieve at least some of the goals of this stage of the quest. You will need to collect the following materials:

Key components of the fallen (10).
Key components of the Kabal (10).
Key components of the bills of exchange (10).

Destiny 2: How to activate obelisk in Tower

The key components listed above fall out of their respective opponents who have an orange strip above their heads (more elite enemies will also fit). Since you will have to perform open events in the Colony Memory Mission anyway, you can try to kill two birds with one stone. Once you have collected the necessary details, go back to the Tower and talk to Saint-14.

Delivery is expected.
After you deliver the components to the Questodore, he will give you a repaired obelisk, which should be placed in the courtyard of the Tower. Walk to the spa, and you will see the desired object. Place it at the specified point to activate it. Once activated, you will have access to the Tower obelisk. From it you will be able to control other obelisks that are currently active and take tasks for each of them:

EMZ: synchronization.
Mars: Synchronization.
Ness: Synchronization.
Confusion shores: synchronization.

Destiny 2: How to activate obelisk in Tower

You will also gain access to consumables, such as Timeless Friends and Fractal Collector, which can speed up the completion of timeless weapons contracts and increase the likelihood of polarized fractaline falling off the list in missions.

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