In this guide you will find out how to get an Exotic Fusion Bastion rifle in Destiny 2. The weapon has the following features:

  • Charging from three bursts of kinetic shells.
  • Part of the damage penetrates through elemental shields.

The first thing you need to do is finish the quest “Walk the Time Corridors”, where you need to explore the Time Corridors in Mercury and follow the sequence of corridors in the correct order.

After passing through all 30 corridors, you will reach the last room. Interact with the grave to get the Armory Core and complete the quest.

Step 1: Talk to Saint-14.
Go back to Saint 14 in Tower and talk to him to find the new Memento quest.

Step 2: Defeat the Captains of the Fallen and the Servants.

Destiny 2 - how to get a Bastion rifle

You’ll need to collect five of these Captains of the Fallen and the Servants. The easiest way to do that is to go to Thief Harbour in the Confusion Beach region. After disembarking, go to the left side of the location and walk up past the lost Empty Cask sector. Follow the road to the left until you see your enemies. Captain Fallen will always run away – kill him, go back to Thief Harbour, then go back and repeat the process.

Step 3: Talk to the Spider.

After collecting five pieces of data, talk to Spider.

Step 4: Lost sector Empty barrel.

Destiny 2 - how to get a Bastion rifle

The spider will send you to the lost sector of the Empty Keg to kill an enemy named Axynix. It’s a simple step that only takes a few minutes.

Step 5: Talk to the Spider.
Go back to Spider.

Step 6: Kill your enemies and complete public events.

Destiny 2 - how to get a Bastion rifle

Kill 30 complex enemies (yellow bar).
Complete 10 of the Spider’s orders.
Complete 8 public events

Step 7: Find the tomb in the Cave of the Beastbeard.

Destiny 2 - how to get a Bastion rifle

Walk into the Four Hills Gorge in the Troubled Shores region and enter the lost sector of the Beast Cave. You need to find a tomb that doesn’t really look like one.

Continue walking through the lost sector until you reach a small waterfall. There’ll be a blue mist seeping out of the corner. Interact with the ground to continue the quest.

Step 8: Kill the unique enemy in the Cave of the Beastbearle.

Destiny 2 - how to get a Bastion rifle

The final part of the quest is that you have to kill an enemy called a Reyesque, the Dropping Light.

Step 9: Talk to Saint-14.
Go to the Tower and talk to Saint-14 to complete the quest and open the exotic Bastion plasma rifle.

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