To begin this quest, you must meet Lord Saladin in the Tower. You’ll find him on the top floor, in front of the big Iron Banner, above Banshee-44.

Step 1: Signal fires

Perform the following tasks:

Make three killers with your super ability.
Grab 10 zones.
Kill 30 enemies.

I recommend the use of a scout rifle.

Step 2: Iron sights
Grab 20 zones.
Finish 6 matches.
Perform 25 murders with a scout rifle.

Step 3: Iron Muscles
Grab 30 zones.
Kill 100 enemies.
Do 20 murders with a shotgun.

Step 4: Lethal metal
Grab 40 zones.
Perform 15 killer murders with your superpowers.
Do 15 murders with a revolver.

Step 5: Iron Rain
Grab 50 zones.
Finish 15 matches.
Perform 15 murders with a rocket launcher.

Step 6: Flesh of iron
Go back to Saladin to finish the quest.

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