Diablo 4 Hidden Quest Better Days Walkthrough

Diablo 4 is an action-packed video game that has been enjoyed by gamers for many years. If you’re someone who loves to explore hidden quests and challenges in the game, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the Diablo 4 Hidden Quest ‘Better Days’ Walkthrough, step by step.

The ‘Better Days’ quest can only be accessed once you unlock all five seals of the Circle of Slaughter. The entrance to this quest is hidden within a cave located south of Eterra’s second waypoint. Once inside the cave, players must find and defeat an enemy called ‘Gorgoloth.’ Only then will they gain access to the Better Days Secret Quest.

Once inside the Better Days Secret Quest location, talk to Shanar – an NPC who appears right in front of your character as soon as you enter through its portal. Shanar requests that players recover her lost family shield.

To find her family shield head West from where Shanar is standing; when moving past Fallen Soldiers’ Crater jump across ravine onto distant platform;  gear up! You will then face three successive waves containing two types of enemies on each wave: Skeletal Warriors and Skeleton Archers coupled with Beetle Demons and Great Cave Bats.

After defeating them, keep moving forward until you reach a blocked door – destroy it with any high damage-dealing ability or weapon at your disposal.

Upon destroying this door players shall arrive in a room with multiple paths going ahead in different directions; carefully navigate through these paths to avoid traps while eliminating various enemies strewn throughout until finally reaching two boss-like beasts: Cortezeris and Amertum (waypoints appear on map upon defeat).

Defeat Cortezeris and Amertum two gateway entrances emerge leading off elsewhere into further rooms filled more surprises. Through these gateways lies yet more discovery and adventure!

Continue exploring until you finally find Shanar’s family shield and then return it to her. Upon its return, Shanar will thank players and provide them with a loot chest as a reward.

In conclusion, the ‘Better Days’ quest in Diablo 4 offers an exciting challenge for gamers who love to explore hidden quests. It may take some time to complete, but the rewards and satisfaction of discovering this secret quest surely make it worth your effort. With this guide, we hope that you can navigate through all the battles and traps within this quest with ease. Good Luck!

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  2. This article is a great guide for anyone who loves to explore hidden quests in Diablo 4. The step-by-step walkthrough of the ‘Better Days’ quest is very helpful and easy to follow. The article provides clear instructions on how to unlock the quest and where to find it. I highly recommend this article to any Diablo 4 player who wants to discover new challenges in the game.

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