Diablo 4 Liberation Walkthrough

Diablo 4 is an upcoming action role-playing game and the fourth main installment in the Diablo series. The game is set to feature a more open-world style with shared multiplayer towns and no loading screens between zones. As players navigate through the dark and gritty world of Sanctuary, they will face numerous dangers such as bloodthirsty demons, ancient evils, and corrupt politicians. In this article, we will provide a detailed walkthrough for Diablo 4 Liberation.

Chapter 1: Sanctua

The intro video introduces you to Lilith who was banished by Inarius into the void after he realizes her intentions of using their offspring for evil purposes. Lilith’s presence now disturbs your peace as she creeps from deep within your nightmares.

Your journey starts off in Sanctua – a bustling port town known as much for its black market dealings as it is for its mercantile commerce. Here you will encounter merchants selling healing potions, weapons against demonic attacks but be wary there are also those looking to exploit your extra coin with fake or stolen goods.

– Speak with Nessa at the docks
– Talk to Deckard Cain at his hidden study

Chapter 2: Lut Gholein

After completing quests successfully from Sanctua head over to Lut Gholein where you meet Deckard Cain who gives you crucial information on how to proceed in order to save humanity from Lilith’s dominance.
Lut Gholein serves up one of the most beautiful locations in Diablo history —
full askari architecture standing tall above tan sand dunes.

– Retrieve Khalim’s heart
– Quest item (Arcane Crystal)

Chapter 3: Kurast Docks

Kurast Docks follows shortly after Lut Gholein where water horrors have been spotted circling around docks wreaking havoc by leaping high out of water-
it suggests something dark lurking beneath these tides.

– Find the Hellrift (Where incursion of Evil begins)
– Defeat the demons invading Kurast

Chapter 4: The Dunes

You will be running into sandwurms and savage beasts, a variety of desert predators waiting to devour you alive in this hostile environment. The real challenge here comes from sandwurms. They burrow underground and are resistant to physical damage making them difficult to hit.

– Gain access through derelict mansion
– Find artifact being investigated by Zakarum

Chapter 5: Caldeum

Caldeum is the jewel of Kehjistan known for its refined culture, moving statues, water gardens and once housed Emperor Hakan II before he went missing. Walking onwards you uncover a darker underbelly — with two opposing factions vying for control of the city.

Your objective here is to stop Cultists trying to bring back Diablo with strange rituals which involves sacrificing human souls.
This will be one tough mission because Cultist forces are too powerful also reinforced by Demonic monsters.

– Hunt down Zoltan Kulle
– Stop Maghda’s machinations

Chapter 6 : Skovos Islands

Skovos islands used as a location in surprise reveal during WrestleMania earlier this year. Skovos’ battlefield features an ancient Formidine colossus that breaks through gigantic fortifications ultimately making it impossible for your team initially.
On your journey towards Lilith is interrupted when the cult forces raid an important stronghold.

-Gain intelligence on cult objectives
-Fend off legions who try attacking your position

Chapter 7: Grayhollow Island

Grayhollow Island takes players away from sandy deserts into dead looking landscapes filled with mystery, toxic mushrooms while carrying clues about finding pages which belong in mysterious tome.
New enemies include shadow monsters that spit poison at you and forests that cause you to lose your bearings, even the very ground beneath your feet may crumble leaving you plummeting to your untimely demise.

-Find missing survivors
-Activate bridge (To avoid ambush)

Chapter 8: Westmarch

Westmarch is a dark and sprawling city for its medieval architecture and one of the largest population centers within the kingdom. The city is now besieged by plague-ridden corpse resurrected as monstrous abominations.
The stakes are higher here with cultists taking over most inns while summoning demons with ease.

-Find Adria
-Kill Maltheal


This walkthrough provided a glimpse into Diablo 4 Liberation’s eight chapters. Each chapter features a unique location, challenging enemies, puzzles to solve, and plenty of loot to collect. What sets Diablo 4 apart from its previous version is an open-world structure that encourages exploration while offering dozens of hours worth of content for players looking to experience everything it has to offer. With Lilith as the main antagonist that possesses her own agendas this game promises something altogether different than anything fans have seen before.

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