Diablo 4 Rogue Beta Build: Shadow Flurry

Diablo 4 Rogue Beta Build: Shadow Flurry

In the highly anticipated upcoming game, Diablo 4, players will have the opportunity to play as a Rogue character. With this new addition to the game comes a whole new set of skills and abilities for players to master. One particular build that has caught the attention of many fans is the Shadow Flurry build.

The Shadow Flurry build utilizes fast-paced, close-range combat that allows players to quickly take down enemies while avoiding their attacks. This build revolves around two core skills: Fan of Knives and Blade Dance.

Fan of Knives is a skill that allows Rogues to throw multiple knives at once in a circular pattern, dealing damage to all enemies within range. It can be upgraded with various runes that enhance its damage or add additional effects such as slowing enemies hit by it or restoring health upon killing an enemy.

Blade Dance is a powerful melee attack where Rogues spin around with their dagger dealing increased area-of-effect damage for several seconds while also becoming temporarily immune to crowd control effects such as stuns or freezes. This skill can be combined with other abilities such as Smoke Screen which creates an area-of-effect cloud of smoke that makes you invisible and invincible allowing you to avoid damage and reposition yourself for another attack.

To further augment this build, players will want gear with increased critical hit chance and critical hit damage bonuses alongside any equipment pieces offering enhanced attack speed since those stats synergize well together when attacking quickly at close range.

The Shadow Flurry build also relies on another important tool in your arsenal: Shadow Power. This ability gives Rogues brief periods of invincibility against physical attacks while simultaneously increasing movement speed and allowing your knives/blade dance moves do additional life steal effect per successful strike so you can keep fighting longer sustained periods than without it during battles against overwhelming numbers!

Overall, whether you’re brand-new fan just starting out on your rogue path, or a longtime veteran who has been waiting for Diablo 4 to come and bring them all the exciting changes they’ve been hoping for. The Rogue Shadow Flurry build presented in this article offers a fresh new way to play while still providing players amazing close quarters combat experience !

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