Last year at the annual Gamescom show V1 Interactive studio with the support of Private Division announced a seemingly unusual FPS project called Disintegration. The release of the game is still scheduled for the second quarter of 2020, but despite this information available at the moment allows us to draw a conclusion about what the game will look like. In fact, this is what we will do in this article, having studied, in my opinion, the main points of the game process.

We will start with the story. In the distant future, due to certain circumstances, mankind was on the verge of extinction, in order to avoid a terrible outcome, scientists invented a way to transfer human consciousness into the mechanical shell – this process was called integration. After a while, two opposing factions appeared on earth.
The first is looking for survivors and puts the choice of “Integration or Death”, forcing them to join the dictatorship regime. The second opposes Integration, wanting to return humanity, as the process itself was to be a temporary solution.

Disintegration will offer players a single company and multiplayer PvP, but it is already clear that the developers have decided to focus on the second component, as the plot is designed for only 12-15 hours.
As for PvP, there will be available three modes with certain conditions of victory. In the beginning, each player must choose from several pre-prepared variations of pilots with the appropriate team, weapons and set of skills.

Disintegration - everything we know about the game at this moment

The uniqueness of the project I mentioned is in the gameplay, the developers decided to cross the first-person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS). By the way, initially the game was conceived only as RTS, and then we decided to screw the FPS elements. In single-player and multiplayer mode, players are given the role of a pilot of a special flying motorcycle (Gravcycle), and in combination with the commander of a small squad, providing support on the battlefield.

The bike moves freely in space, allowing the player to spin over the battlefield at low altitudes, which is of course done for ease of command control and to deal damage to enemies wherever they hide. As the story progresses, it will be possible to change the base motorcycle to another one, as they are divided by type into the light, medium and heavy (different characteristics). And later on, using scrap metal and modules, they are mined from different containers during a mission map study.

The ground unit consists of three fighters, and it necessarily has a large robot (a kind of tank \ brute force to attack) and several infantrymen. In single mode, the warriors of the squad are represented as characters with their own history and unique character, and in multiplayer mode, simply indicated a characteristic role (eg, sniper or ranger).

Disintegration - everything we know about the game at this moment

Directly the gameplay is divided into two components – motorcycle control and interaction with the squad. In the first case, it seemed to me that the player’s vehicle is the key source of damage, as well as the only factor on which the success of missions depends. In other words, you should not break into a crowd of opponents, instead, being in the air, it is better to destroy one enemy at a time, dodging the shells.

In the second case, although it does not seem at first glance, the ground squad plays an important role, distracting opponents from the motorcycle. The player has only two ways to interact: specify where to go and specify the target to attack (in normal mode, attack all the opponents in the kill zone).
In addition, each member of the squad has an ability, or more simply a skeleton, in single-mode for ease of activation time is slightly slowed down, allowing you to select the area to be used.

It’s also worth noting that warband members can’t die definitively once they’re out of health, just pick up a beacon at the place of death, and then the countdown to revival begins. To avoid this situation there is a healing cannon with an infinite number of charges, but with a certain recharging time between shots. Also, after killing opponents, a green healing balloon falls out.

To sum up, on the whole Disintegration looks like a good game so far (although it all depends on the price), but if we consider it from the point of view of a single company.
PvP looks a bit strange so far and most likely not everyone will like it, in any case, you should try it on personal experience (I think that the squads there are absolutely useless).

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