In terms of the internet’s most popular games, few are older than slots. It’s true that chess has been going for longer, but the playing figures for the strategy game are nowhere near the level they are for the spinning reels. Slots have existed for more than one hundred years thanks to their evolution alongside other aspects of mainstream culture. But if they are to continue in the future, they may need to adapt once more to align with the growing trend of multiplayer games.

Slots are Open to Evolution

Looking at some of today’s slots online such as Big Bass Bonanza Megaways and Rich Wilde and the Wandering City, the original slot machine inventor Charles Fey would barely recognise them. He’d see the concept of the spinning reels that he came up with, but he’d be astonished by the multiple win lines, animations, music, themes, and side games found on the games of today. When comparing the mouse click-operated titles online with the hand-pulled games that preceded them, it’s like putting homo sapiens alongside homo erectus – the general skeleton is the same, but the newer titles are ten times more advanced.

Just like humans, slot games are still in the proves of evolving, and they will never reach a point at which there will be no room for improvement. Developers are constantly striving to add new elements while still maintaining the essence that makes these games so well loved. For example, the Megaways engine is new to the scene in the last year and has introduced a gameplay element that players didn’t know they needed. Game creators need to pay attention to trends in other areas of entertainment as well, and it would be reasonable to assume that they are seeking ways to incorporate multiplayer capabilities.

Multiplayer Revolution Impossible to Ignore

The closest slot machines have come to being multiplayer games is the progressive jackpot offerings that exist on a shared network. But there are no titles that cater for two or more players. This is something that needs to change, because multiplayer is such a core facet of modern titles in other areas of the gaming industry.

Most of the world’s biggest games are multiplayer offerings or have a multiplayer option alongside their single player mode. Titles like Fortnite and PubG fit into the former camp, while the likes of FIFA and GTA V belong to the latter. Nearly all the games that make the list of most popular games of 2021 are multiplayer, with Call of Duty Warzone, Minecraft, League of Legends, and Apex Legends all catering for more than one player at a time. Players have almost come to expect that games are going to provide social opportunities, so why shouldn’t slots follow suit?

Some casino games have made steps towards enhancing the social experience, with live table games notably allowing interaction. Slots may need to do the same if they are to continue as the most popular gambling games in the world for many more years to come.

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