Cheat codes for DOOM Eternal that open weapons and armor, give endless health and ammo, costume improvements, skills, etc. However, you can’t just enter the code: they are presented as cards scattered all over the game, and you need to find them first.

Once you find the cheat code, you can activate it on the mission selection screen in the Fortress of Destiny. It is worth mentioning that you can activate cheats only in an already completed mission – you can’t use the cheats for new tasks.

Activate All Cheats – enable/disable all the codes.

Infinite Extra Lives – endless extra lives

IDDQD – gives active armor to the Guardian for the entire mission

Instant Stagger Mode – All shots and skills kill enemies in one shot (except unique bosses).

All Runes – all runes

IDKFA – opens all weapons and equipment (with all improvements)

Famine Mode – Enemies no longer drop armor or health.

Infinite Ammo – endless cartridges

Powerup Mode: Onslaught – gives endless push to the whole mission

Powerup Mode: Berserk – gives endless Berserk for the whole mission

Powerup Mode: Overdrive – Gives an endless Overdrive for the entire mission

Silver Bullet Mode – Enemies die from a single shot or blow

Fully Upgraded Suit – all costume improvements

Party Mode – When limbbing or killing, demons will explode like confetti.

QuakeCon Mode – the audience that reacts to your actions appears behind the scenes

(free version)

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