Doom Eternal is a rather hardcore game at any level of difficulty. Therefore, you will probably need help in the form of various hints or tips. In this guide we will introduce you to them.

Doom Eternal – tips and tricks for beginners.

Don’t stop moving.

It’s very important advice, almost basic. It will be especially important at the last levels, when you will not have time to take a break from the waves of demons coming at you.

Each demon has its own tactics and scheme – it is easier to eliminate someone from a short distance, someone will climb on you, no matter what. Only one thing remains unchanged – to fight them you need to stay in motion.

Use a double jump, pick up all the boosters that will lie on the ground, in other words, do everything necessary to keep enemies from keeping up with you.

Do not stop even when you kill demons. Always keep it in your head.

Learn the characteristics of each demon.

Every demon is dangerous to you, but each of them has its weaknesses. For example, the Cacodemons have vulnerability to grenades and explosions.

About these vulnerabilities of each of the demons you will know the first time you meet a new kind of opponents, so read carefully what is shared with you in the game.

Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to fight with demons, because you won’t know what kind of weapon is effective against certain type of opponents.

Collect runes.

Some runes may not seem very useful to you, but trust us – they will not be superfluous.

I want to mark the runes, which affect the achievement. We recommend that you collect them from the beginning of the game, so you can enjoy the gameplay at the end. What’s more, it will make it easier for you to replenish your health.

We also recommend that you focus on finding modifications for your weapons. No matter what kind of weapon you need to look for, you can search only for your favorite guns. In any case, you will definitely notice the difference in gameplay.

Change your guns.

As we wrote above, each demon has its own vulnerability. If you do not know them, this advice will be especially useful for you, because sooner or later, you will be able to learn them from your own experience.

Moreover, this way you will get rid of the problem when in the middle of fierce battle you run out of ammunition and demons will catch you by surprise.

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