Main changes

A new lord named Jull was added to the game. It is a tank that reflects the damage caused by nearby enemies.

The lords have been changed. Now they need to be selected not before the game, but on the 10th round (2 round in “Bouncers”). Lords’ talents are no longer selectable, they are integrated into their abilities and are called “fighting styles”. Also, the system of excitement is removed from the game.

Players now start the game with 3 levels and 5 gold pieces in the pocket. Waves of creeps are removed from the game, and items fall out every 5 rounds.

Global items are removed. The quality of the items does not depend on the victory/loss. Added new items (Butterfly, Crystalis, etc.) and removed the old (Killer’s Voil, Daedalus, etc.) The full list can be found by clicking on the link.

Jail is closed. Heroes will now be temporarily removed from the game and returned back. We did it because of balance problems and inconvenience caused by the Jail. The list of deleted heroes can also be found on the site (among them is Miner, by the way)

Other changes

Interface improvement, troubleshooting, effect optimization and error correction.

Change the balance of the game, strengthening the lords who now start each round with 50% recharging ability. ULT recharging time is shorter and power is longer.

Changing the leaderboard, changing the statistics view, watching the statistics of previous rounds after the game.

Increase the damage caused by creatures (depending on their charge). Increase of gold per round by 2 coins.

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