The Walter White Dealer Simulator allows a lot in terms of realizing yourself. For example, you can cook methamphetamine here. Read about the recipe and how to make methamphetamine and what ingredients you need to make it in our fresh Drug Dealer Guide.

A recipe for how to create methamphetamine in the game and what ingredients you need.

We’ll need it first:
a mixing tray;

a dryer for small substances;

a simple mortar (or use a grinder);

a large flask;

substitute / acetone.

And, of course, open meth itself, which will unlock at Eddie’s on level 10.

Place everything you say above next to the workstation.

Grind your meth and a substitute.

Make a mixture of meth and substitute.

Add acetone to a large flask.

Then add a mixture of the resulting meth to dissolve it in acetone.

Once the mixture has dissolved, select it and add it to the small substance dryer and start the drying process.

Once it is ready, pack the dried meth or pack it in a can for packing.

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