How to Sleep

There is no such function in the game. You can’t sleep, but you can rewind time. To do this, go to any of your shelters and press the T key. Each minute is equal to a second, and you will see the current time on the screen. This is very convenient when you need to wait for the dealer’s delivery or if you want to wait for a curfew. However, the latter is not recommended, because this way you will lose all your customers. And in his dream, the protagonist of the game, apparently, does not need.

How do you get into sector B

There are several ways to get into this sector. One is through the checkpoint. But you’ll be checked by the cops every time, so there’s no way to get ghetto goods into sector B. You can, of course, just run past the cops, but it’s risky, and it will generally have a negative impact on your progress (increased risk of disclosure, which means many buyers and suppliers will refuse to cooperate with you).

The second way is to use the hatch and get into sector B through the sewers. One such hatch is on the lower road at the gas station. Open up the map. See the gas station? There’s a horizontal line below it. That’s the right road. Just find the hatch. But remember, you can’t carry a backpack through the sewers.

The third option is safe, but you have to pay the money. Find a construction tunnel south of the two towers (one of the ghetto regions) and talk to the builder. He’ll ask $100 for a one-way entrance. And any one. In the future, the price will increase, but by that time you will receive much more money.

How to separate stuff

At first, it is not clear how the goods should be separated. You can, of course, throw away the same bags, pick up one of them and give them to the buyer, and after collecting the rest. But it is much easier to understand the mechanics of the game. Press the ALT key and move a stack of bags with a certain product. You will see (unless, of course, you let ALT go prematurely) that the buyer has only one bag. That is, through ALT you move one item at a time. You can also use CTRL, which will result in a window that allows you to select the number of items to be moved.

How to unlock new goods (drugs)

Pump the level of the main character, and then on the desktop of the laptop (top left tab), pay attention to the window at the top in the middle. There is a list of available drugs. There you can also change the price of goods! And there is also a list of other products and conditions for unlocking. If you have reached the desired level, the next product will have an unlock button. And all you have to do is click on it. You will not have to pay anything!

How to buy a new shelter

Continue to develop your business, after which Eddie will personally call you and tell you that he has an acquaintance who sells shelters. Go home, use your laptop and you will see a new contact next to Eddie’s name. Please note that you must have the money on your card to buy the shelter. So you have to use an ATM.

Where can I find an ATM

One of the ATMs is next to the furniture store.

Why is the furniture shop closed or where to buy furniture/laptops?
You need a furniture store in the bottom left corner of the map. It will be closed until a certain point in the story. Go through the game and wait for Eddie to call you. He’ll tell you that Donald’s back in town.

Where can I get a can of paint

You can buy it at a gas station.

How to expand your inventory.

You can increase the number of pockets by adding skill points to the “Pockets” skill in the “Character” tab. In addition, an average backpack is sold at the gas station, and in sector B you can buy a large backpack.

How to unlock a new territory

Read the conditions for unlocking new areas on your notebook. They require a certain level of character (just do whatever you want with experience points) and respect in another region already available. To increase respect in another region, deliver to customers from there. Even better, buy paint cans, go to that region and leave as much graffiti as possible.

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