With multiple endings in Elden Ring, players are highly encouraged to do several NG+ reruns to see every available outcome in the game. However, fans wonder what items they can keep in New Game Plus.

Elden Ring is a fun game to finish casually or to complete in a speed run. Whatever gameplay gamers are running on, they will eventually reach the end of the game. After mending the Elden Ring for the first time, players will have the option to run New Game Plus (NG+), wherein every Tarnished will restart their story from the very beginning. Fortunately, players will be able to bring a lot of their Elden Ring weapons, armor, and items upon restart. 

What is New Game Plus? 

FromSoftware has a history of pushing out NG+ mode in most of their popular gaming titles (Dark Souls series). NG+ basically allows gamers to play the game from the beginning along with most of their acquired items from previous runs. Being able to play the story from the start while retaining most of the hard-earned Elden Ring items opens up many possibilities for the players.  

NG+ enables gamers to run through previously challenging situations and bosses at ease since they are more geared this time around. Players will also be able to explore more of the Lands Between, unlock new places, and locate undiscovered secrets and unlockables in the game.  

What Carries Over in New Game +?  

The core feature of NG+ mode is to run the games with most of Tarnished’s gear intact. Not every item from previous runs will be carried over, so it would be nice to know which ones will be retained upon starting a new game. Here are the things games will keep when they run NG+ mode in Elden Ring: 

  • Weapons 
  • Armor 
  • Incantations 
  • Sorceries 
  • Talismans 
  • Boss Remembrance Items 
  • Map Progress 
  • Majority of the consumable items 
  • Cookbooks 
  • Flask Levels 
  • Gestures 

Aside from these pieces, tons of other collectibles and acquired items are also retained. These include Ashes of War, Spirit Ashes, Gestures, Upgrade Materials, Memory Stones, Spells, Stonesword Keys, Flasks of Wondrous Physick, Crystal Tears, Golden Seeds, and Sacred Tears. In addition, the full unlocked map is also preserved, albeit some areas will still be initially inaccessible. 

Most of these items will significantly help make reruns much easier and faster. However, there are still items that gamers will need to re-unlock or reacquire once more since they are lost upon restart. Here are the things that will not be carried over on NG+ modes: 

  • Great Runes 
  • Keys 
  • Areas opened with Keys 
  • Bell Bearings 
  • Side Quest and NPC progress 
  • Main Story Line Progression 

Aside from these, Sites of Lost Grace should also be rediscovered once again, so players will need to explore a bit more than they’d hope for. 

Other Things that Gamers Should Know About NG+ 

The rerun game mode is more than just restarting the game with most of the items intact. When the NG+ is run, several changes will be implemented to ensure that gamers are still challenged and will not take everything too lightly. 

No New Features or Content 

NG+ is simply a more geared rerun of the game; there is nothing more to it. Fans might expect a new weapon to be unlocked, new items to discover, or new bosses and enemies to fight. However, based on FromSoftware’s previous titles, none of these will appear in the new game mode. 

The majority of Elden Ring’s predecessors, like the Souls game and Bloodborne, have NG+ modes after finishing them the first time. Unfortunately, these games did not release any new features in these reruns. This situation will most likely be carried over to the latest FromSoftware game. In short, nothing that wasn’t readily available in the first run will be featured in New Game Plus.  

Enemy Health and Damage Gets Buffed 

Fans will find that enemies in the game’s early zones will be easy to kill. While almost every opponent in the first few reruns can be quickly cleared up, things will get more complicated with every reset. NG+ mode increases health and damage dealt by opponents little by little.  

For every reset of NG+, all enemies are buffed once more. It comes to the point that Godrick Soldier in the tutorial zone can potentially eliminate players at NG +7. However, gamers who would actually run New Game Plus more than four times have most likely become skilled enough to take on even more significant challenges. 

Just because the Tarnished became the Elden Lord for the first time doesn’t mean the game is already over. With so many endings to be seen in the game, playing the game multiple times is highly encouraged so that players can experience every outcome. Fortunately, these reruns are much more manageable since fans retain their Elden Ring armor, weapons, etc.

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