Endzone – A World Apart proved to be quite a complex strategic game, due to the specific mechanics.

We will point you to the most common mistakes of players and give you advice on how not to lose.

Frequent mistakes:

You build too many houses. Build up to ten houses in the beginning! You don’t have to house all the settlers, if you do, your population could get out of control. Settlers will only raise children when they live in the house. Children will not grow up and be raised in a shelter (you can say shelter, but in the context of the Russian language it sounds two ways). Also after the first ten houses, the next ones are built slower.

You do not make anti-radiation suits. It is better to create anti-radiation suits at once.

Do not store your special clothes in warehouses. It looks like a temporary bug, but the settlers won’t take the clothes from the warehouses. Make sure you have a good stock of herbs, it’ll help your settlers stay healthy.

The herbs are collected very quickly in this game, but if you get sick, hurry to build a medical center, only medicine will cure them.

It’s a waste of time to clean up the radiation. Don’t waste all your time trying to get the radiation out of your settlement, take care of the farms and move the hunters’ workplaces to less radiated places.

Put the fishing huts too close together. You can’t do that! Keep in mind that this will reduce their effectiveness.

Spread out the buildings over a large area. Build tightly together so that people spend less time on crossings.

Trying to move deep into the map. That’s a redundant idea. Everything you need is already there. Move on to the production of metal tools when the refinery is built and you have excess scrap.

Concentrate on one type of food only. You must have plenty of hunters and fishing huts. So, in times of drought, hunters won’t be able to find animals, but fishermen will get enough fish.

Ignoring the weather. Build a weather station and forget about guessing whether it will rain acid or not.

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