We have been hearing all year long about the fact that another dance emotion for Fortnite has become the subject of legal proceedings. The trend continues, but now the plaintiff is Epic Games. And the company asks to take measures against the author of viral video The Pumpkin Dance.

In November 2006, Matt Gayler’s standup comedian shot a video clip that quickly became viral. He danced in it in a black suit and a Halloween pumpkin mask. These movements came to Fortnite in the form of recently added emotion of Pump It Up.
Matt Gailer and consulting company Sick Picnic Media sent a letter to Epic Games demanding to remove the emotion because of the portrait resemblance with the author: the character who performs it, his head temporarily turns into a flashlight of pumpkin.

Previously, many viral dancers have sued Epic Games: comedian Alfonso Ribeiro, “backpack guy,” “orange T-shirt guy,” rapper 2 Milly, basketball players Jared Nickens and Gaylene Brantley, saxophonist Leo Pellegrino. All of them were refused because of the lack of copyright for the dance movements.

The irony is that this time Epic Games bought a license from the dance author to use The Pumpkin Dance as an emotion. As we can see, it did not stop him.

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