In Eve Echoes you can extract different resources (minerals, ores, planetary resources) to either sell them to other players for lawsuits (ISK, game currency) or use them to create new ships. For mining, you will need the right equipment (mountain lasers) and ships that have enough space to store all the materials.

Tip: If you need shared resources, you should get them, not buy them on the market. This way you can save money for more useful things.

How do you get it?

EVE Echoes - resource mining guide

If you are docked, dock from the station because you will need to be in outer space.

Click the Browse button on the right side of the screen.

Click on the Signal tab.

Go to a suitable Asteroid Belt (through warp).

Click on the Near tab to see the nearest asteroids.

Click on the desired asteroid and select the Lock option that appears in the middle of the screen.

Use a miner’s laser to start extracting resources.

Depending on the location of the asteroids in the Asteroid Belt, you can find common or rare resources that are more valuable.

Mining ship

EVE Echoes - resource mining guide

The best way to buy a Ventura frigate is to use it to store a ton of resources, which will allow you to mine longer without having to return to the station for unloading.

Laser for mining

EVE Echoes - resource mining guide

In the beginning you can invest in the MK3 Miner laser, which will help you collect resources quite well. It is sold on the market and can be equipped on any ship.

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