Now, if you’ve played EVE Online, you’re probably familiar with it, and like a PC game, in EVE Echoes you’ll have the same concept – the game is a PvP game, so even if you’re in hisec (confused “I’ll tell you more about it below), you may still be under some kind of attack, like in the zero area.

But what they all mean, I will give you more information here below:

  • High Security Space (hisec): This area allows you to be somewhat secure, even if you are still vulnerable to attack. However, once you are attacked, the space police will kill the intruder. Here you can play Half-Afq (more or less) if you need to, just keep an eye on the game.
  • Low safe space (lowsec): In this area you will get more resources from mining and mining in general than in hisec, but here you can definitely be attacked and the police will not destroy the attacker. In these areas attackers get a few crime points (reputation or whatever you want to call it) which will eventually disappear, but if they go to hisec the police will attack them.
  • Null-sec: Here you can find some of the best trophies in the game, but players can be attacked without any consequences for the attackers later. Basically, if you want to use PKs of others, there will be no disadvantages, but you can also be attacked later. So this is basically an area with high risk and high rewards, where you can earn ISK faster.

Mining in these areas will give you the best loot.

What I think you should keep in mind is that once you disconnect, you can be attacked wherever you are.

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