“Mafia City” – mobile strategy for Android from Yotta Games. Below you can see the list of valid codes for the beginning of June 2020.

Remember that you can only activate 1 code for each account, although below you will find as many as 6. So make sure you have chosen the desired exchange code before entering it. To activate the code, click on the avatar at the top left of the screen, go to the settings and select the appropriate option.

ZYMCWX: cash (150,000), cargo 150,000, weapons 25,000, metal 6250
HLXJTX: 100 gold, 5 red wines, 1 lightning operation (7 days)
FMBZJZ: 50 minutes construction acceleration, 50 minutes training acceleration, 50 minutes game speed increase
GSJBJC: 8 hours truce, 24 hours defense bonus (+20%), 24 hours attack bonus (+20%)
XKFWZB: 100 gold, 5 red wines, 1 star dust (7 days)
VPZXVD: 900 VIP points, 1 day as VIP

As new codes come in, we will update this article!

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