Santa Monica Studios will have a tough time topping 2018’s God of War, but the renowned developer will attempt to do so when it releases God of War Ragnarök in 2022. The last title in the series is regarded by many as one of the greatest games ever made, but the new offering has the potential to top it thanks to the more advanced technology available on the new generation of consoles.

While waiting for the upcoming game to drop, players can gratify their thirst for Norse themes by playing slots and other games in the genre. The online casino market is arguably the best place to find these games.

Norse Themes are so Prevalent in Slots

When you look through the list of slot games at, it’s clear that Norse mythology is one of the most popular themes. Titles like Skadi’s Hunt from IGT and Gates of Valhalla from Pragmatic Play are two recent releases in a long line of hugely successful slots. While these games can’t go into the same depth as console epics like God of War, they can offer an immersive experience that takes players away to another world.

There are plenty of similarities between these titles and the Santa Monica Studios series, with the iconography on the reels likely to stoke nostalgia about the games. The soundtracks are also similar, meaning that these reel spinners can act as a great way to keep players entertained while they wait for the next God of War title.

Play the Other God of War Games to Prepare

There are some cool mobile games that give a taster of what it was like to be a Viking, with Vikings: War of Clans being one of the standout options. Aside from playing all these related games, you could also opt to revisit some of the past titles in the long-running franchise.

The first ever God of War game was released in 2005, and the hack and slash title originally took on more of a Greek mythology focus. This sparked ten other sequels that were all loosely based on that period of history. When the series returned in 2018, the developers went in a different direction with more of a Norse mythology base to the story. This was met with widespread approval from players and critics.

New Title Set for 2022 Release

The new game will pick up where the last one left off, with Kratos trying to figure out a way to stop the end of days. This was prophesied at the end of the previous title when Mímir warned that the three-year Fimbulwinter had begun, which meant that Ragnarök would soon follow. According to, the game is due for release some time this year, but an exact date has not been set yet.

According to, the new God of War offering is one of the most eagerly anticipated games ever. Playing other Norse-themed offerings while waiting could help get gamers in the mood for it.

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