Features of pets in Lost Ark

The first major content update for the Russian version of the MMORPG Lost Ark, among other things, will add pets to the game. The publishers decided to prepare players for this event by publishing a review of these combat partners.

The pet always follows the character and opens for him a number of advantages. Activate it in the inventory, after which the functionality of pets can be opened through the bottom right panel or using the hotkeys ALT + P.

Pets can both collect trophies in the world of the game, and strengthen the parameters of the hero. When you activate it, you will get additional random characteristics, which can be changed in the future by a special NPC – trainer, located in any major city. You will also be able to quickly access the warehouse, auction, mail, and repair.

At the start, your pets will be divided into two types of quality. The blue ones will add one characteristic to your choice and the purple ones will give you access to another characteristic. Activation of these enhancements is done once a month for blue crystals through a special functionality of the pet.

The update will be released on December 4, 2019, and, in addition to the pet, will add new keepers, a tower of fate, the Akrasium exchange system and more.

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