Final Fantasy 7 Remake also added new side quests, which were not in the original. In this guide you can find all three locations for cats and cats of the side quests “Lost Friends” in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Hyde and passage Final Fantasy 7 Remake – where to find all cats and cats in the Lost Quest

After you finish the first two chapters of the game, Tifa will take you on a short tour of Sector 8 Midgar, and it is here that you can start taking side quests from Vimer. One of the quests called “Lost Friends” challenges you to find three cats for the girl. This is definitely one of the most annoying quests as the cats are not marked on your map and can be difficult to spot.

If you have trouble finding all three, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve included three screenshots of the map showing where to find them.

The first cat can be found in the northwest corner of sector 8, next to a girl. You will need to crawl through a small tunnel to find a bunch of cats hanging in this area and then interact with the little white:

A second cat can be found at the side of the street on your way to an abandoned factory.

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