First reviews of Diablo 4 from testers

Blizzard announced Diablo 4 at Blizzcon 2019 and the game was immediately in the spotlight. Later on, some streamers, gaming press and ordinary people were allowed to play open beta.

The demo version included only a small part of the new features. There were only three characters: a sorceress, a Druid, a barbarian and a common world for all players with dungeons. Also, the players were able to attack the world boss in droves.

What do the testers say? In general, most people have a very positive opinion:

Mike Minotti, editor of the VentureBeat page, compares Diablo 4 with the second part. He is particularly pleased with the gloomy atmosphere, which is different from the cartoon look of the third part. He also praises the combat system based on Diablo 3. Everyone who has played the third part will know what to do and how to do it. Finally, Mike said: “…if you were playing Diablo 3, part 4 is almost the same. But aesthetic changes are important. Diablo 4 is gloomy and cruel.

IGN’s James Duggan is particularly pleased with the aspect of the “common world” that reminded him very much of Destiny. He liked the open world, where there are many things to do, including open events or bosses that can be learned together in groups. The combat system feels good because you also have to actively evade. Luth and skills are equally good. He says, “Diablo 4 is the evolution of the 2019 brand. I can’t wait to experience more.

Author Alexandra Heather played RPG for Kotaku. She believes that Diablo 4 focuses on making players happy and providing them with complex battles. Everyone should be able to focus on what they like. She liked the gameplay. “The result was the Diablo experience, which I liked very much, and I definitely want to try again,” she explains.

Ozzy Maya, editor-in-chief of Shacknews, says that Blizzard’s Action RPG is probably trying to keep the best of Diablo 3 alive and continue. He especially liked the video clips in the game graphics when the camera zoomed out and matched the selected character individually. “I couldn’t try a lot of things and that seems to indicate that Diablo 4 will probably have to stay in the oven for a while,” he says.

Paul Tassi from Forbes didn’t like the project very much. He is concerned about the new look. Graphics and animation seem clumsy to him. He also dislikes the idea of peace with PvP. Paul is just wondering what the limitations are for PvE players. Also, the big question is what Blizzard has for microtransactions. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m really looking forward to Diablo 4,” he says. “But the more I learned about the game and heard about it, the more alarming bells sounded in my ears.

The opinion of some of the Blizzcon streamers:

Bluddshed loves Diablo 4. He says it plays very well and feels really great. He calls the game round and cinematic. Diablo 4 “came in” for him.

Rhykker also enjoyed the demonstration and sees Diablo 4 as a true extension of Diablo 2. He likes the grim look and praises the gameplay.

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