Fishing in Valheim is one way to find food to survive. We’ve put together a guide to show you where to find a fishing rod and how to fish in Valheim.

In survival games everyone loves to fish, and Valheim is no exception. Before you can put on your fishing hat and start catching fish, you need to get a fishing rod first, which is actually quite a challenge. Here’s what you need to know about getting a fishing rod and catching fish in Valheim.

Where to find a fishing rod

There is no way to make a fishing rod in Valheim right now. The only way to get one is to buy a fishing rod from a Haldor merchant. A fishing rod costs 350 gold coins, and fishing bait costs 10 gold coins for a stack of 50. It’s unlikely that players will have access to 360 gold coins early in the game, so consider fishing once you establish your base and advance.

How to catch fish in Valheim
Catching fish in Valheim is a great way to find other types of food.

If you haven’t been able to find fish thrown ashore, you really need to learn how to fish in Valheim. Once you buy a fishing rod and bait, put it down in the water. You will need to find the water in which the fish swim.

Fortunately, fishing in Valheim is pretty easy and only uses two mouse buttons:

Left-click: casts a line. Hold down the button to charge it and use it further.

Right-click: Fishes and reels the line.

After casting the line, wait for bubbles to appear around the float, at which point the fish are interested. Wait for the float to go underwater, and then right-click and hold it to catch the fish and start reeling. The message “connected” will appear on the screen and you will see the line coming back to you.

Keep in mind that reeling in a fish requires stamina, and if you run out of stamina, the fish is gone. Make sure you eat before fishing. Things like neck tail and cooked meat will give you more stamina than a fruit diet.

Now that you have a fishing rod and know how to fish, you can start adding a new type of food to your Viking diet. More Valheim tips in our survival guide, also read where to find iron.

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