Terraria on PC faces errors and problems such as startup failure, black screen, game brakes, graphics card not found, Tmod bug and others.

Here I made a list of errors and problems with the game, as well as fixes and workarounds.

Terraria lags, no sound

Terraria has steadily gained popularity since its launch. During this time, developers have fixed many bugs and bugs.

Despite this, the game still faces bugs and problems, such as crashes, black screen, video card is not found and many more.

Below are the bugs and problems that Terraria players face, as well as their fixes and workarounds

Graphic card error

According to the players of Terraria, when they start the game, they see the following error.

No suitable graphics card was found.
No Direct3D device was found that supports the XNA device’s platform availability profile.

This bug mostly appears to those who play the game on their laptop. The error occurs because the notebook is running on a built-in graphics processor instead of a dedicated one. This can be easily corrected.

For users of Nvidia Graphics Processors Nvidia Control Panel> 3D Settings Management> Program Settings> select the game.

Under the first step select Unintegrated Graphics Processor. Apply the change and the game will always work on the dedicated graphics processor. This will correct the error.

For AMD users this can be done in Device Manager. Deactivate the built-in graphics processor under the display adapters.

System.Threading.SynchronizationLockException, Tmod bug fix.

This is one of the most difficult mistakes that Terraria players encounter. It’s not difficult in terms of the solution, just in terms of how long it takes. According to the players, they get the next mistake.

System.Threading.SynchronizationLockException: Object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of code.
at Terraria.IO.Preferences. Save(Boolean createFile) at Terraria. Main.SaveSettings at Terraria. Main. OpenSettings at Terraria. Main.ClientInitialize at Terraria. Main.Initialize
at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.RunGamesBoolean useBlockingRun).
at Terraria. Program.LaunchGame(Stringi args, Boolean monoArgs)

This error is caused by an anti-virus program or Windows Protector. All you have to do is either disable the antivirus or exclude the game folder from the antivirus or Windows Protector.

After that, check the game files and run the game. Error will not appear now.

Startup failure

Terraria players report that the game simply flies out at launch. Here are a few fixes to help you solve this problem.

One possible reason may be that your antivirus or Windows Protector blocks the game’s exe file. Either disable the antivirus, or make an exception to the game folder in the antivirus.

Another cause of launch failure may be the use of third-party applications such as MSI Afterburner or GeForce Experience.

Disable any third-party overclocking application you are using, and the problem with Terraria during startup will be corrected.

Lack of administrative privileges is another reason why Terraria is colored at startup. Right-click on the game executable> Properties> Compatibility tab> check the “Run this program as administrator” box. Start the game and it will work fine.

Fix of lags and freezes

Common performance problems such as FPS drops and stammering are common in computer games, and Terraria is no exception.

Disable vertical synchronization in the game and open the Nvidia Control Panel> 3D Control Settings> Program Settings> Select Game> Set “Vertical Sync” to “On”. This will solve the problem with the brakes in the game.

However, if lags and brakes are not eliminated, follow the steps above, but set to “Fast” for “Vertical Synchronization”. This will not only eliminate stuttering, but also give you a potential increase in FPS.

In addition, if you are trying to start a game at a speed above 60, this is also the reason for lags. Block the refresh rate of the game at 60 Hz, and the braking will be corrected. Apparently, the game does not work well on FPS above 60.

No sound, how to fix it.

Players report that they can’t hear the sound when playing Terraria. Windows Sonic For Headphones can cause this problem. In Win 10, open Settings> System> Sound> Sound Control Panel (right). Select active audio device> Properties> Spatial Sound tab > select “off” and apply. This will fix the problem with no sound in the game.

Black screen – how to fix it.

Black screen at startup is a common problem for computer video games. According to players, when they launch a game, they see a black screen while they can hear the sound in the background.

Start the game and when the black screen appears, press “Alt + Enter”. The game will switch to window mode and will start to be displayed.

Go to the video settings, set the resolution to match yours, and you can play the game in full screen mode.

These are all tips and fixes for Terraria bugs and problems like Tmod bug, launch failure, video card not found and much more.

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