Forever Skies Crafting Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Forever Skies is a popular crafting game that allows players to explore worlds and create their own structures. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this crafting guide will give you everything you need to know to succeed in the game.

Getting Started

When starting a new game, players are dropped into a randomly generated world with no supplies. The first thing to do is gather resources such as wood and stone by digging or chopping down trees. These materials will be used to craft more advanced tools and structures.

Crafting Essentials

To craft items in Forever Skies, players will need to use the crafting grid found in their inventory menu. This grid can be used to combine various types of materials together in order to create more valuable items such as weapons, armor and advanced tools.

Building Structures

One of the main objectives of Forever Skies is building structures. From simple wooden huts, to large stone castles, players have complete creative control over their design choices. To effectively build larger structures it’s important that players utilize foundations/base elements before they start building upward.


Forever Skies also includes various worlds full of different creatures with varying levels of difficulty, it’s important not only for crafting but also playing safely too! Players can gather rare resources while exploring the world; these collectibles help them discover portals leading right into other dimensions offering even more exciting adventures!

Minimalizing Risk from Mobs

Mobs (monsters) appear at nightfall and later at End Game stages which makes navigation challenging! By lighting up your buildings both inside-outside and sometimes distant areas may keep mobs from wandering around too close quite effectively!


Crafting games like Forever Skies are incredibly enjoyable because it gives us unlimited opportunity for creativity along with rewarding gameplay mechanics! Remember by gathering essential resources then utilizing them correctly i.e., combining necessary ingredients through Utilization Inventory Screen leads us easily towards endless unrivaled possibilities! Explore freely but minimalize mob-related risks by keeping light present throughout your structures once you nailed the basics of gameplay. We hope this guide has helped you become a successful forever skies player.

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  1. Great guide for beginners! The article provides clear instructions on how to start the game and gather resources. As a new player, I found this guide very helpful.

  2. I have been playing Forever Skies for a while now, and I must say that this guide is spot on. It covers all the basics and provides useful tips for advanced players as well. Highly recommended!

  3. Forever Skies is my favorite crafting game, and this guide is a great addition to my gameplay. The article is well-written and easy to follow. I learned a few new tricks that I can

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